Amazon’s ‘New World’ MMO Is Delayed And Will Be Rolled Out On August 31

Amazon's ‘New World' MMO Is Delayed And Will Be Rolled Out On August 31
Amazon's ‘New World' MMO Is Delayed And Will Be Rolled Out On August 31

Amazon has again postponed the release of its MMO, the ‘New World.’ The company now plans to launch its forthcoming MMO on August 31, 2021, which was earlier expected to come out this quarter in July after its previous delay. Game Director Scot Lane said Amazon Game Studios “listed a few really compelling features that just wouldn’t be able to make” within the release timeline, which the developer announced last year. The team believes these characteristics are “revolutionary,” so it takes the extra time it needs to ensure that they are ready for launch. It plans to begin alpha testing of the game in the meantime, with an open beta expected to launch on July 20.

It would be an understatement to suggest that the Modern World has had a bumpy path before its release. Amazon said the game would come out in May 2020 when it was first released. Until Amazon Game Studios said it required almost a whole year to incorporate additional mid-and endgame content, then the pandemic further moved the release back to the summer.

It is also fair to say that Amazon Game Studios is under a great deal of pressure to perform its intended function that is both a financial and a massive success. The previous wait for New World came a week after Amazon took the unusual step of rolling back the development of its first AAA game, Crucible, a hero-based shooting game. Three months later, he revealed he was suspending the game’s story. Despite these setbacks, Amazon’s incoming CEO, Andy Jassy recently told employees that he was committed to the studio. “In the first year, some companies take off, and others take many years,” he said. “Although we haven’t been successful at Amazon Game Studios consistently yet, I believe we will if we keep hanging in there.”

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