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Android 12 Review: The Flagship Brand Loved By All

Android 12 Review: The Flagship Brand Loved By All

Looking forward to the updates in Android 12, let us help you out with this Android 12 review. The Android 12 operating system has been forked. There are enough variations to exceed the Time Variance Authority, from pure Android to Google’s own Pixel-first edition to Samsung’s One UI 4 overlay.

As a result, writing an Android 12 review is a difficult undertaking. It can be difficult to distinguish essential Android functions from window dressing when there are so many branded and device-specific changes.

Android 12 Review: Pros

  • Material looks great
  • Transparency over data use
  • The system now has new animations that make it seem more responsive.

Android 12 Review: Cons

  • Battery and privacy dashboards have perplexing charts.
  • There is still no audio-coupled haptic feedback.


In terms of functionality, this implies that individuals switching to Android 12 on other devices won’t notice much of a difference. The most significant change will be the new Material You design, and how much of it makes it to your phone will depend on the manufacturer. Samsung’s whole bunch of new Colour Palettes, which, like Google’s version, will apply to menus, buttons, and icons, will give One UI 4 something like to Material You.


The android 12 is a great option for the ones who love to use their phone. It offers a long call time and also can offer you ample amount of time in using your device. The battery of an excellent quality and will not drain out easily.


The Privacy Dashboard revealed how frequently my camera and microphone are used. As well as the apps I use most frequently are also displayed on the dashboard. And, while we’re on the subject, Android 12 adds new indicators for when your microphone and camera are in use. This works similarly to iOS, with the exception that Google requires one extra press on the dot to identify which programme is accessing the sensor.

Final verdict

Finally, the most notable features of Android 12 are the Material You design and the addition of new privacy controls. On paper, this may appear insignificant. But the visual refresh and faster animations across the system give it a whole new experience. Furthermore, Google continues to release feature sets every quarter or so, implying that each new version of Android doesn’t have to be as significant. Android 12 is a fun, pleasant update if you’ve been yearning for a new look for your phone.

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