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Android Applications Available In A ‘Preview’ Version Of Windows 11 Soon

Android Applications Available In A 'Preview' Version Of Windows 11 Soon

To try Android applications on Windows 11, you will not need to run an unfinished beta. Microsoft’s Panos Panay said that they would soon release a public trial of Windows 11. It will be available in the next month, that is February. It would bring Android applications to the Microsoft Store.

The business did not specify how many applications would be accessible in this test. However, they would be Amazon Appstore titles.

If you are happy to continue with Windows programs, the preview should still be helpful. You can expect upgrades to the taskbar. These include call mute controls, window sharing, and weather.

Microsoft has overhauled the Media Player and Notepad applications.

If you are still in a dilemma about switching to the new OS, you should act quickly. Microsoft has warned that the free Windows 11 upgrade push is “starting its final phase” sooner than expected in mid-2022.

This indicates a high adoption rate. It also implies that you may have to pay for the update if you do not make a decision quickly.

Android app integration was one of the highlights of Windows 11’s announcement event. However, it took many months for the new Windows version to reach mainstream customers. 

It might be a significant contribution for both Microsoft and users. 

Of course, this will be helpful if you want to run standard Android applications on your PC. Nevertheless, it may also pique your interest in touchscreen Windows 11 PCs and the Microsoft Store.

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