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Another Life Season 2: Netflix Teases Return of Sci-Fi Series Starring Katee Sackhoff

Another Life Season 2

Netflix’s Original sci-fi, Another Life, was renewed for season 2. Despite the show getting mixed reviews from both critics and viewers, it was ample to convince Netflix. 

Another Life is an original series of Netflix created by director Aaron Martin. The show was shot in 4K like every other Netflix Original to show that tech Netflix owns. 

In season 1 of the series, we saw astronauts searching for extraterrestrial life forms after several alien artifacts showed up on earth. The team led by Niko Breckinridge walked into the mission of finding the source of alien technology.

During their journey through space, they are met with threats that could well make their space journey a one-way trip. 

Release date for Another Life Season 2

The Original production date for Another Life season 2 was March 2020. But, due to the ongoing pandemic, the production got delayed and was pushed back to August.

According to the social handle of Katee Sackoff, who plays the role of Niko Breckinridge, the filming for the show wrapped up in December. Now, according to the timeframe for season 1, it was released eight months after its filming finished.

Therefore, according to speculation, it was supposed to arrive in August 2021. Now when the official trailer was released, it confirmed that Season 2 of Another Life will be aired on Netflix on 14th October 2021.

Cast and Crew for Season 2

It is very likely that the cast of the first season will be reprising their roles. However, several new additions to the regular cast include Tongayi Chirisa, Dillon Case, Shannon Chan-Kent, and Kurt Yaeger. 

With these new additions, Season 2 will explore the story of new characters. While embedding everything together with the main story for the Original Series.

What to expect in Season 2 of Another Life?

Season 1 left the viewers on a cliffhanger, with the astronauts finding the true intention of the alien race. Therefore, Season 2 is likely to pick the story from where it ended in season 1. 

The space crew must return to Earth so that they could warn humankind that the aliens are a threat. However, Netflix hasn’t released any official plot for the series, and everything is speculation, keeping season 1 in mind. 

There are many unanswered questions regarding the allegiance of the AI that William created. So, when season 2 arrives, the fans would be rooting for some much-needed answers.

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