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Apple Could Be Working on a New 12 Core Chip for the Mac

Apple Could Be Working on a New 12 Core Chip for the Mac

There was a 31% drop in the sales of Mac PCs according to the latest financial report. At this juncture Apple is probably working on a new, more advanced chip. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, in an installment of his Power On newsletter wrote about the potential M3 chip. His source is an anonymous app store developer. 

According to the newsletter, the new chip is going to have 12 CPU cores divided into 6 high power cores and 6 efficiency cores, 18 graphics cores, and a 36 GB RAM. The M3 is quite an upgrade from the current M2 and M1 chips which feature 10 and 8 CPU cores respectively. The RAM on the previous Macs was 32 GB. The M1 featured 14 graphics cores while the M2 featured 16 graphics cores.

It is noteworthy that the M2 series has not rolled out completely yet. It is likely that Apple will launch an 15 inch M2 MacBook Air and an Ultra Mac Pro at Apple’s WWDC event. There has been no announcements or hints whatsoever about the M3 chips. 

Sources confirm that the M3 chip for iMac is also currently under development. One can assume that the M3 chips will debut by the end of 2023 or early in 2024.

The powerful M3 chip with 12 CPU cores, 18 Graphics cores, and 36GB RAM can be a gamechanger for Apple. It can help them counter the current drop in revenue and take back lost market share.

Mark Gurman speculates that the M3 max version should logically feature 14 CPU cores and 40 graphics cores and the M3 ultra should have 28 CPU cores and 80 graphics cores. These are going to be some extraordinary processors positioned perfectly to win back customers. 


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