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Apple iPhone 13 Face ID Stops Working After Third-Party Screen Replacement

Apple iPhone 13 Face ID Stops Working After Third-Party Screen Replacement

Apple is a well-known brand in the industry. It delivers the best flagship products and keeps the lovers craving for more. Meanwhile, the iphone 13 was launched a few days back. It has a number of features that keep you hooked to the gadget. One of the newest features is that if a third party replaces the display screen then the face recognition mode will not work at all. Surprised? Read more:

What is the buff all about?

Apple’s iPhone 13 range is, in many respects, a step forward from the phones it released last year, with features like a 120Hz display on select versions. However, the situation is more difficult when it comes to repair ability. During a breakdown of the smartphone, iFixit discovered that the iPhone 13’s Face ID function will not operate if the phone’s display was changed. iFixit attempted every solution but couldn’t get Face ID to function again.

Apple iPhone 13 Face ID Stops Working After Third-Party Screen Replacement

However, the display on the iPhone 13 series, according to Apple, is serial-locked to the device. Right now, if you replace your screen, Apple disables Face ID unless they are in charge of the repair.  Don’t you think it is a bit of a problem for those who love to use face locks.

Is it a good thing? Not at all

While this is clearly not a good image for Apple, there might be a simple reason. A qualified repair expert was advised by Apple support that the problem is a flaw that would be fixed in a future iOS update. Apple was contacted for additional information. 

Let us see what all is there in the store with this new launch. It is a big step from the brand side. Do you have an iphone 13? Are you planning to buy this phone? You must keep in mind to keep it perfectly. Although the phone comes with complete security, it is a good idea to keep it properly. 

Go and place your order for your new iphone 13 and enjoy using it. Flaunt it in the best manner but make sure to keep it secured from bumps and falls.

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