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Apple Promises Solution for iPhone 14 Pro Horizontal Lines Display Issue

Apple Promises Solution for iPhone 14 Pro Horizontal Lines Display Issue

Apple has officially confirmed reports that some iPhone 14 Pro Max owners may experience flickering horizontal lines on their display when powering up the device

Apple has verified that it is looking into the issue of horizontal lines appearing on the display screens of iPhone 14 Pro models.

Last month, MacRumors released a report stating that an increasing number of ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ owners were encountering green and yellow horizontal lines flashing across their iPhone display when people powered on the device. At the time, it was unclear whether Apple had addressed this issue or if it was due to a hardware/software glitch.

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Apple has recently released a memo confirming that no hardware defect is to blame for the issue and an iOS update is forthcoming. This means that ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ customers can “report that when they power on or unlock their phone, they briefly see horizontal lines flash across the screen.”

Apple has said in the memo that no hardware problem is causing the issue. It means that “Apple is aware of the issue and a software update is coming soon that will resolve the issue.”

When can we expect the launch of iOS 16.3? It’s hard to predict, as Apple usually launches four or six betas and a Release Candidate just before rolling out major updates. With its current stage in public beta testing at two levels deep, it appears that late February could be when we should anticipate seeing this update arrive.

Considering the issues with iOS 16, Apple is taking steps to rectify them with a series of minor updates. The most recent version released is iOS 16.2.1, which is relatively stable compared to previous versions and has been publicly beta tested for further improvements when needed. Once Apple deems it ready, we can expect the company to release this dedicated fix shortly.

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