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Apple Removes $99 Barrier for Access to Developer Betas for iOS 17

Apple Removes $99 Barrier for Access to Developer Betas for iOS 17
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After the WorldWide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) on June 5th, Apple has launched developer betas for iOS 17, iPad OS 17, MacOS Sonoma, and WatchOS 10. Interestingly, Apple has made the access to the developer betas free for anyone who has an Apple ID enrolled in the Apple Developers Program. 

The Apple Developers Program has a free tier and a paid tier which costs $99 per year. Early access to developer betas had always been reserved for the paying developers. Unpaid participants of the developers program had to wait for the public betas to try their hands on the updated software. This is the first time that Apple has given free access to all participants of the Apple Developers Program regardless of their membership tier.

Apple has made it easier for developers to access the betas. Earlier you had to install a configuration profile on a per device basis to try the software. Now, all you need to do is check an option in the software update settings in your device.

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Notably, the public beta for the new software will be launched in July this year. The early access beta is specifically meant for developers so that they can test their application against the new software. The developer betas are not recommended unless you have an extra device dedicated for beta testing. Early access developer betas can have bugs and incompatibility issues which can render your device unusable. So, if you depend on a device, do not install the developer beta on it.

Apple has previewed some well awaited features like personal voice, voicemail transcription, and advanced autocorrection, leading to the beta release. There are some significant changes in Mac OS and WatchOS too. Casual testers can have a lot of fun with these new additions. 

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