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Apple Watch Series 7 Review: Read Before You Upgrade!

Apple Watch Series 7 Review: Read Before You Upgrade!

The only difference between Apple Watch Series 7 and the Series 6 is a larger display, but for a device as small as a watch, that makes a big difference. Apple also increased the size of the user interface, making it simpler to read and navigate. The company also added some new watch faces and a full QWERTY keyboard for replying to messages to make better use of the larger canvas.

Other enhancements to the Series 7, such as a new SiP (system-in-package), faster charging, and night time respiratory tracking, are less noticeable. This may not seem like a substantial upgrade to people coming from the previous generation. However, for anyone moving from a Watch SE, Series 5 or older, the bigger display makes a significant difference.


  • A larger screen is easier to utilise.
  • WatchOS 8 is powerful since it allows for faster charging.


  • Sleep tracking is time-consuming
  • lags behind the competitors.

Hardware and design of Apple watch series 7

Despite the fact that its screen is larger, the Series 7 maintains a similar footprint to its predecessor. It’s a tad heavier than the Watch SE and Series 6, which is understandable given its larger case. Unlike prior generations, which came in 40mm and 44mm sizes, this year’s models are available in 41mm and 45mm sizes. At first, the difference is scarcely discernible.

A bigger screen

The difference in screen size may be less noticeable depending on which Apple Watch you were using previously. It has climbed by more than 50% since the Series 3 and 20% since the Series 6. In any case, the more roomy UI is beneficial. I didn’t have to aim as carefully to hit the appropriate keys because the buttons for entering my passcode sprawled out over the corners.

Battery of Apple watch series 7

That pretty much covers up all of the Apple watch Series 7 screen-related upgrades. However, there are a few additional noticeable improvements. The most important of these is that it charges quickly; I got close to 10% capacity in approximately 10 minutes. With the new cable that Apple gives in the box, it reached about 100% in under an hour. The Apple Watch SE, on the other hand, only got to roughly 60% in an hour.

Sleep tracking, watchOS 8, and other features

Sleep tracking is one area where Apple continues to fall behind the competition. While Fitbit and Samsung can use the heart rate monitors in their wearables to discern which sleep zone you’re in, Apple still doesn’t. Before the Watch will record your sleep, make sure you have the Sleep Focus mode turned on (either manually or by establishing a schedule). The others can all tell when you’ve gone to sleep on their own and don’t require you to set a schedule. Fitbit, for example, has been doing it since 2015.

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