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Apple’s Competition with Google Maps Escalates as it Launches Business Connect

Apple’s Competition with Google Maps Escalates as it Launches Business Connect

Businesses now have the power to customize their place cards as seen in Maps and search engine results.

On the 11th of January 2023, Apple stunned businesses around the globe with their brand-new Business Connect feature. Crafted to serve brick-and-mortar stores such as eateries or retail outlets alike, this tool gives business owners access and control over their listings on apps like Apple Maps.

Businesses can now access Apple’s database of locations and claim or create their own quickly through their new web portal at after creating or logging in with an existing Apple ID.

Users will be able to modify details such as their store hours and address, search categories/subcategories, and even edit the exact location of the pin on the map. They can also update the ‘about’ text with a few simple clicks.

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Alongside the existing data, Business Connect offers a convenient way to upload images and set cover photos and branding on location pages. It provides users with an array of customizable “Actions” that can be tailored according to their needs. For instance, grocery stores may include an action for ordering from Instacart or venues can add one for reserving parking spaces via SpotHero.

Last but not least, the “Showcases” section of your card can become a platform for any highlighted or featured announcements such as special promotions, limited-time offers, and exclusive news.

Apple has been extending its presence in various areas with cards or information from it. Not only does Apple appear on Maps, but also Wallet, Messages, and many other search results like Siri and Spotlight. Every time a business owner updates their card details, the changes will immediately be reflected across all of these locations – not just Maps.

Apple is always on the move and growing. The collaboration with Yelp remains, continuing to provide many cards with their data. Yelp’s user reviews and photos will stay on these same cards for people to view. This has been a tradition ever since Apple began integrating Yelp’s information into its platform.

Apple’s new endeavor places them in direct competition with Yelp and Google, causing small business owners and marketers to be divided by their efforts. To help convince businesses of the value of these cards, Apple has created an insights page that provides metrics such as “tap on this location in search results” or access to specific searches that brought users to discover the business. It is Apple’s goal for those who sign up to witness just how many referrals they receive from these sources, being pleasantly surprised at its worthiness with regards to energy spent maintaining it.

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