Application used by players of “Call of Duty: Warzone” for cheat matchmaking

Application used by players of “Call of Duty: Warzone” for cheat matchmaking
Application used by players of “Call of Duty: Warzone” for cheat matchmaking

Warzone players recently have to contend with glitches and cheaters on PC and now it seems like one of the applications that were meant to fight with cheating has created down its own problems. Eurogamer was told by the Warzone Companion developer that he is going to change his application just after people tried to abuse the anti-cheat features of it to rig skill-based matchmaking.

As per the researches, this was the tool specifically designed to spot the cheaters there in the lobbies by showing unusually skewed kill/death ratios or some other stats. However, players were taking it back out of the matches with good players and was even used to stream snipe (this means that targeting the people streaming the game on Twitch or some other services). People were very much fundamental in changing how they played and making life more miserable for gamers.

Now, the update of the application is going to show kill/death ratios that too just after the pre-match warm-up. And you are going to see the average ratio by the end of the match. However, some of the mid-match shows are going to showdown relative values instead of the absolute ones. Hence, these are the changes that will prevent you from spotting cheaters that too before the match starts. Isn’t this interesting? You will get aware of the cheaters before playing the game only.

This is not going to address the cheaters. But will illustrate the challenges of dealing with those cheaters and the community can easily do this much by themselves.

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