Are You Doing Everything You Can to Ensure Your Employees’ Safety?

Are You Doing Everything You Can to Ensure Your Employees' Safety?

When you are in charge of a group of people and have a large number of clients coming into your place of business, one of your top priorities is ensuring that everyone is as safe as possible. Not just to minimize accidental injury or, worse, death, but also to safeguard yourself against claims alleging that you failed to operate your business safely. So the crucial question to ask yourself is, “Are you doing it correctly?” If the answer is no, you need to make changes quickly. Here are some pointers on how to go about it!

Conduct regular health and safety checks.

When we think of health and safety, we often think of a cooking area and the standards that govern cleanliness and COSHH. Health and safety standards, on the other hand, apply to all types of enterprises and include tests such as electrical safety, equipment maintenance, gas checks, and more. Scheduling health and safety inspections will help you avoid being held responsible for an unsafe workplace and ensure that no one gets hurt.

Have you thought about what would happen if there was an accident in your workplace? Are your team equipped to deal with it? Conduct regular safety drills to ensure they can manage an emergency. Consider MyCPR NOW to provide your team with effective training to manage a difficult situation, should it arise.

Implement access control systems.

It’s possible that you’re storing sensitive and confidential information somewhere. It is your obligation to ensure that information about your employees or customers is not seen by anybody who is not authorised to see it. In addition to keeping these documents in a secure location, you should set up access control measures to limit who has access to them “behind the scenes.” Control systems can protect not only data but also your team and you from potential threats.

Set up silent alarms.

No one should have to feel threatened at work. However, in some job positions, individuals may feel as if they’re in danger from a member of the general public. For example, some people who go to the doctor’s office will be angry or upset and want to tell the receptionist about it. If they do not get what they want, they may become aggressive, either physically or verbally, and you must safeguard your employees from this type of situation. If a problem arises, the rest of the team can be alerted without causing any harm by placing silent alarms under their workstations.

Think about hiring security guards.

If your business is a nightclub, for example, you should think about hiring security guards to keep an eye on the doors and ensure that everyone inside is secure. Alternatively, if you’re selling valuable goods, you may feel vulnerable to theft or attack. Aside from providing you with some much-needed peace of mind, employing security guards can prevent would-be criminals.

To ensure the safety of your business, your staff, and your customers, follow these guidelines for workplace safety.

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