Augmented Reality VS Virtual Reality: All you need to know about AR and VR

Augmented Reality VS Virtual Reality: All you need to know about AR and VR

Many people are already familiar with Virtual Reality, but many still do not know about Augmented Reality. After the dominance of the VR world, scientists conducted research to develop the AR world. 

Now AR is breaking ground at a fast pace among many developed nations. But it is still a far-fetched idea for still developing countries. You can say both AR and VR are taking technology to another level.

These reality technologies enhance both the natural world and the simulated one. It is close when you see both AR and VR use in each industry you can imagine. Both technologies will have great potential.

Now, what are these exactly? This article will satiate your curiosity and give you a better understanding of AR and VR.

What is AR

AR, aka Augmented Reality, connects the real world to technology. It is an ideal combo of both digital and physical worlds to create an artificial universe. You can understand it as AR augments the real world before you.

Unlike virtual Reality, you will feel the existence of the natural world without completely immersing in the fantasy. It means you can control your presence in the real world. Who does not own a smartphone these days? To access AR, you only need a smartphone and enjoy the fun.

Do you know about the game Pokemon Go? Yes! The game integrates the AR world. Where you can locate and capture the Pokemon that appear in the real world. You will see AR technology in gaming, education, casino games, audits, and the healthcare industry.

What is VR

VR, aka Virtual Reality, is primarily a simulated world with minimal to no connection to the real world. VR enhances the fictional world. You must have seen the VR games where players wear headsets and play in a highly simulated environment.

VR users get controlled by the system and do not feel a sense of real-world presence. Using VR devices, you get immersed in the artificial world completely.

VR technology creates a visual simulation using headsets, gloves, goggles, sensors, etc.

Real and Virtual World

Where AR is 25% virtual and 75% reality, VR is 75% virtual and only 25% real. These evolving technologies provide you with endless opportunities. If you are a Marvel fan and have watched the Avengers series, you must know of the legendary Edith Glasses. Yes, precisely those that iron man left to spiderman. They are the best example of AR technology. At the same time, VR games like Beat saber VR rhythm games are well known.

Pros and Cons of AR

Here are some of the advantages that Augmented Reality offers the world;

  • You will need no headset for using AR.
  • You can connect to it using a smartphone.
  • AR offers you a fast learning process in a wide range of fields.
  • It has developed Video games that allow a ‘real’ gaming experience.

Where AR has several benefits, it is not devoid of any cons;

  • Not everyone can afford it, as it is expensive to implement
  • You can experience some mental or physical health issues with too much use.
  • Lack of privacy and security is a major turn-off.

Pros and Cons of VR

Virtual Reality has its advantages;

  • You will get a highly immersive and interactive environment
  • VR helps to enhance your learning and work skills.
  • Education is getting highly benefited.
  • You can experience almost anything without actually doing anything in the real world. 

Just like any other technological advancement, VR also has some disadvantages;

  • VR can cause severe mental issues, as some people start living in the virtual world.
  • Although you can experience things firsthand, applying them in Reality, is still very different.

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