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Australia Is Going To Teach 5-Year-Old About Basic Cybersecurity

Australia Is Going To Teach 5-Year-Old About Basic Cybersecurity

Recent reports say that Australia is going to be the first country to buckle down and prioritize teaching 5-year-old about online safety.

Though the children are very much inclined towards digital things, still they are not taught about the dangers that lurk in cyberspace. From a very young age only, children get to know about how smart iPads and smartphones are, they also know Instagram and Facebook are vital parts of existence, but they are not told about the cyber threats related to digital platforms. Cybersecurity is one of the most important topics and it should be prioritized in early childhood only.

Australia Is Going To Teach 5-Year-Old About Basic Cybersecurity

Despite the fact, that many of the countries are thinking to put more cybersecurity in their curriculums, Australia is going to be the first nation ever to do it in a more organized manner. In recent time, the country is undergoing a revision and review process and has promised to teach children of age 5 to 16 about cybersecurity, cyber threats, and other topics also. As per the reports of the local outlet The Register, we got news Australia will provide teaching to children regarding online safety, data, and privacy.

When children will first enter public schools in Australia, they will be taught not to share any kind of information like birth date, name, etc. with strangers. And they should always consult parents whenever someone asks for personal information. Later at age of 6, children will be taught how to use passwords and usernames properly and about the pitfalls of clicking on the pop-ups. After reaching third or fourth standards, children will be told about serious lessons on data usage and privacy, teachers will educate them about each and everything in detail.

Ergo, this is pretty cool that Australia is taking this as the possibility and is thinking good for the children.

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