BA LLB Course: Eligibility, Jobs, Salary, Benefits & More

The legal profession has always been among the most prominent and prolific careers in the world. Not only is this profession held in high esteem but the recent spurt of globalization has increased the momentum at which legal rights are being enforced in various walks of life. A law degree can easily be your ticket to excellent employment opportunities. 

Degrees such as LLB course will make you qualified for numerous job roles as they combine the key strengths of the business and the legal field. Here is some useful information on the BA LLB degree that will help you better understand its importance and eligibility. 

What is BA LLB?

BA LLB also known as the Bachelor of Legislative Law is a very popular 5-year undergraduate degree that brings together elements of humanities and law and allows candidates to gain knowledge of subjects such as Criminology, Family Law, Administrative Law and more. 

If you are keen to pursue this degree then you have to pass your 10+ 2 from a recognized school with a minimum 45-50 percent aggregate. There is a special law entrance test that students need to appear for to be able to do this course. 

There are some specialisations that law students can pursue such as Company Law, Business Law, Corporate Law and Criminal Law. Candidates with a legal qualification such as BA LLB become qualified for some highly popular job roles. 

Job roles with BA LLB

Here are some of the most preferred job opportunities that come with a BA LLB course: 

Legal Adviser- Most large organisations need a legal adviser in their team who carry out the important responsibility of counselling clients on all legal matter and help them make decisions in legal matters. 

Lawyer- Perhaps the most popular profession in this career is that of a lawyer who represents clients in civil and criminal courts. They are present throughout the proceeding and are responsible for tasks like initiating a lawsuit, attending meetings, assessing cases and a lot more. 

Lecturer- Job roles in this profession are highly diverse which means that you can also work as a lecturer. Though, to be eligible for this role, you need to complete your post-graduation in this field. 

What is B.Com LLB?

While BA LLB makes you eligible for some highly prestigious and well-paying job opportunities, the legal field has more to offer as well. Similar to BA LLB which brings together the best of humanities and legal stream, B.Com LLB combines commerce with law, giving students a detailed understanding of two of the most integral fields. 

Students who gain good insight of commerce and legislative regulations become more capable of handling a diverse set of responsibilities. B.Com LLB has various specialisations and candidates who pursue this also become equipped for global opportunities. Students have numerous choices with this degree which means they can work in the business sector or go into the legal field. You can pursue the job role of an Attorney General, a Corporate Lawyer or even an HR Manager as per your preference. 

The legal field is very vast and each course comes with its own specialisations as well. An accredited degree in this field from a recognised institute will help you go a long way in your career by making you qualified for some prolific job roles. 

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