Backpack Armor: A Bulletproof Shield That Can Save Lives

Backpack Armor: A Bulletproof Shield That Can Save Lives

A portable, lightweight backpack with ballistic materials built into it and some room for carrying everyday stuff? Sounds like a great idea, or at least something worth considering for a tactical situation in the field… or at school your kids attend to. Let’s talk about it for a while, shall we?

The protection a bulletproof backpack can offer

This is the most important thing, so we should explain it right on the start: the amount of protection that is to be required from such a backpack depends on its type and armored inserts that it has inside. So, the backpack itself, the materials it is made of are durable, yes, but they won’t protect anyone from a 7.62×51 M80 riffle round – the armored plates will.

That means, you have some tactical options in terms of the protection you want to have. One day, you might want to be safe from a typical magnum shot. Therefore, soft ballistic panels will be enough. On the other day, however, you might decide to upgrade your ballistic  backpack a bit, so you put more extreme inserts into it. You don’t need to buy a separate backpack to feel protected during different sorts of dangerous situations. Just make sure that you have a full set of inserts that can work with your backpack armor.

Usage capabilities and functions

Despite providing a decent protection from different gun shots, these backpacks can serve as any good quality backpack that can be used every day or for a weekend trip into the woods, for example. They have a 35L / 2100 cubic inches capacity with some useful pockets and compartments. But there are additional cargo straps to mount extra gear outside the backpack, too, if needed. Right at your back, there’s a breathable mesh that makes it a very comfortable piece of tactical equipment that can perform any day-to-day duty you can throw at it.

Is a bulletproof backpack even legal?

Yes it is, but some states in America have different selection of what actually falls under the term of a body armor. While completing your gear set, take a look at your local legislation documents to make sure you are buying things that you are allowed to carry on you. Obviously, the same goes to the members of your family. It is quite OK to let your kids have a protective backpack armor at school. It is also very important to talk to them about body protection like this, and how to use it properly in case of a dangerous situation. It is best that they learn it from a parent, you know.

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