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“Barbie” Movie Caused a Global Shortage of Pink Paint!

“Barbie” Movie Caused a Global Shortage of Pink Paint!
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Director Greta Gerwig was very particular about the all consuming pinkness of the Barbie movie set. Specifically, they needed Rosco’s fluorescent pink to create the dreamy Barbie universe. The production used so much of the pink paint that art director Sarah Greenwood said in an interview, “The world ran out of pink.” Greenwood is a 6-time academy award nominee art director with films like Pride and Prejudice to her credit.

In reality there was a scarcity of paint at the time when the film was being shot. There were supply chain issues and the paint industry was hit pretty hard. The usage of pink paint on the sets of Barbie was not the sole reason for the paint shortage. 

Lauren Proud, VP of marketing at Rosco said, “The sets were being developed during a time when we were still experiencing the global supply chain issues, and the paint supply was hit particularly hard,”

She said. “We delivered everything we could, they got it all. We can’t wait to see how it looks in the film!

Barbie, starring Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie, is a live-action movie produced by Warner Bros. It will hit the theaters on 21st July. Director Greta Gerwig has given a lot of importance to maintaining the kid-ness of the movie. The set is part of her agenda to create a unique Barbie universe.

While Greta Gerwig grew up playing with Barbie dolls, a lot of other creative members were unaware of the Mattel dolls and its legacy. So the team ordered a Barbie dream house for everyone to get an idea of the magnificence associated with Barbie. 

Barbie dolls were first created by an American businesswoman, Ruth Handler. The toys were first marketed by Mattel Inc. back in 1959. 

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