Bernie Madoff Sister And Her Husband Departed The World Yesterday

Bernie Madoff Sister And Her Husband Departed The World Yesterday

After the hearing took place, Bernie Madoff came out innocent in the trial. In the end, Bernie Madoff’s charges of fraud released in March 2019.

As per the higher authorities, they stated that the death seemed to be a murder-suicide case. 

Claims By The Authorities:

Sondra Wiener was related by blood to Bernie Madoff. Bernie Madoff was the brother of Sondra Wiener. On Thursday, Sondra and her husband’s body was found in their Boynton Beach house, Florida. Authorities claims the death to be a murder-suicide case. 

It seems the reason for the death of Sondra Wiener, 87 years old and her husband, 90 years old was due to gunfire. In fact, the body had gunshot wounds at the crime scene. The Sheriff of Palm Beach Country came to know when they responded to the call received on 911. 

Medical Examiner’s Reports:

The Medical Examiner’s collected the possession of the husband and wife for further investigation. The examination results of the possessions can solve the murder mystery to a great extent. The Medical Examiner will come to the conclusion after they go through the evidence collected from the crime scene. 

Bernie Madoff was the one who did fraud with numerous people through Ponzi schemes in the history of Wall street. Consequently, Sondra Wiener’s son, David Wiener, gave a statement to The New York post. David confirms that his mother was a victim of the fraud by Bernie Madoff. Additionally, the dead body of Bernie’s elder son was found at his apartment situated in Manhattan. He committed suicide.

To sum up, they lost almost 65 billion dollars in the scheme. 

Let’s see where this investigation performed by the authorities takes a turn. Who will be the culprit of the murder of Mrs Sondra Wiener and Mr Wiener? 

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