Best Animated Explainer Videos for Children

Best Animated Explainer Videos for Children

All kids love cartoons. This is largely due to the perception of the world and the fact that children are attracted by everything colorful and bright. Watching their favorite animated series, children develop their imagination and enthusiastically observe all the events that take place on the screen. Thanks to modern skills and technologies, it is possible to create high-quality animated content, and not only entertaining, but also educational. It is important for the child that the video is:

  • colorful;
  • cheerful;
  • easy to understand.

All of this is used to create an animated explainer video designed to introduce a child to information in a simple manner. Such methods are actively used in the education system as an effective way to motivate the child and encourage them to acquire new knowledge and skills. In modern times, they began to actively use this content format for advertising purposes. After all, there is a huge niche of products aimed at the smallest viewers.

Signs of the best kids explanatory videos

The child’s interest in what he sees on the screen of his smartphone or laptop directly depends on the events taking place in him. But when creating the ideal educational or entertaining video content for kids, you need to understand the peculiarities of their perception. In order for the video to be really useful, it is necessary to combine in it:

  • limited information in a relaxed manner (so that the child does not get tired watching the video);
  • calculate the duration of the video (children tend to decrease concentration of attention to a greater extent than adults);
  • active change of frames and background;
  • bright and interesting shots;
  • calculation for a specific age group.

As in the case of content aimed at the older category of buyers, children’s content is developed in the most understandable form. If we are talking about children educational video, then it is necessary to take into account the specifics and level of supposed knowledge of a specific audience of potential viewers. Remember that a child can lose interest in what is happening as quickly as it can acquire it.

How effective is the teaching method using educational videos for children?

The question of the usefulness of the content is key. It is certainly important to get the child’s attention, but it is much more difficult to keep it. Therefore, useful information should in no way be difficult for the child. Information should be presented in a metered fashion, with periodic consolidation of the knowledge gained. Educational videos usually cover just one small topic. For example, you can introduce your preschooler to interesting facts about several types of animals, or talk about why it is raining. It all depends on what age the content is designed for and what function it should perform. A few useful tips for those who decided to implement a children’s explanatory video:

  • The presentation of information should be combined with other events. For example, dances, games that can give the child the opportunity to re-concentrate on receiving educational information.
  • Rollers should not be long (this was mentioned earlier).
  • Using potentially familiar cartoon characters as an example.
  • It is useful to perform some simple tasks while watching or at the end of the video.

There is a lot of information around the modern child from various sources: the Internet, school, television. It becomes more difficult to surprise children, but if you take into account the psychological characteristics of the age group and create content oriented towards them, the result will be achieved. Moreover, regardless of whether it is an advertising video or an educational one.

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