Best Countries to Retire in From US in 2020

Best Countries to Retire in From US in 2020
Best Countries to Retire in From US in 2020


With more 10,000 Americans going to retire daily in America, those approaching the retirement years ought to make prior arrangements on where you wish to stay upon retirement. The place in which one desires to spend his/ her life after retirement is one of the essential considerations. The following is an articulated guide to help you make informed decisions on the best countries to retire in from US.

Do You Wish to Retire in Latin America?

 If one of your dreams has been to retire in one of the countries in Latin America, well, sit, and relax, as I take you through the best Countries there. With eye-catching steamy beaches, as well as pocket-friendly accommodation, the following countries will surely be impressive for you.

Retire in Panama

If you are looking for a country that is easy for you to move to, then Panama is one of them. As the experts elaborate, the currency there is the US dollar. That means that you will never have trouble adjusting, considering that you have lived in America.

The largest population of the people living in Panama speaks English. That means that you will not have to go through the trouble of learning a new language. The country has many impressive types of scenery and has amazing places for sports lovers. Are you a goffer or a tennis player? Well, Panama will not disappoint.

Retire in Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is one of the safest places in Latin America, as it is also known as the Switzerland of Latin America. The banking system and services are impeccable, and that is something you can trust with your wealth.

Costa Rica is famous for its low cost of living as compared to many countries in Europe. With only $ 1,500, you have settled your monthly expenditure. Healthcare is a sensitive matter, and Costa Rica puts that into consideration. All residents can access universal health care by contributing between 7 % and 11% of their monthly wage.

Do you Prefer Retiring to a Country in Europe?

For anyone living in any country that speaks English like the US as an immigrant, Europe is perfect to live upon retirement. It is a Continent that has a good reputation in its health care system. You can move to any of the following countries and have a peaceful old age life.

Retire in Portugal

The country has proper structures put in place to ensure that health care services are at their best. The climate is excellent and comfortable to live there. Are you a fan of seafood? Well, Portugal has exceptional seafood for you. Portugal is famous for cities like Porto and Lisbon, which have excellent beaches.

Retire in Spain 

Spain is another great country to live in as an immigrant. It neighbors Portugal, and so the environment is quite similar. Just like Portugal, Spain has impressive beaches, and the culture is almost the same as Spain’s. As compared to Portugal, the cost of living is cheaper when you move to Spain.

Retire in France 

It is one of the smallest, with an excellent health care system. The transportation system is impressive and convenient, with four international airports. France is famous for a decent quality of life, with exceptional foods. It is a peaceful country for immigrants to live in, with cities like Angers as well as Limoges.

Retire in Italy

In conclusion, there are countless countries that you can retire to and have the life you ever dreamed of living. To help you do further exploration, you can visit retire in Italy from US

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