Best Filebot Alternative Tools You Must Consider To Organize And Rename Media Files!

Best Filebot Alternative Tools You Must Consider To Organize And Rename Media Files!

Filebot is an apparatus that assists you with getting sorted out and renames film, anime, and TV documents. It is likewise extraordinary for getting captions for movies and TV shows you have downloaded. Everybody knows that FileBot was the best programming for renaming and overseeing records and downloading captions. Yet, what happened that individuals are searching for Filebot choices? In its underlying advancement stage, FileBot was an open-source project that exclusively depended on crowdfunding. 

In any case, Filebot isn’t the only record renamer or media coordinator you can utilize. Maybe you don’t care for the interface, don’t have any desire to pay $20 for a Filebot permit, are searching for a device that is more designed for anime, or need something that checks for new scenes to deluge and coordinates with Ombi. 

Scroll The Best FileBot Alternatives

We know that FileBot is a traditional instrument for renaming your films, TV shows, or anime and downloading captions and is upheld by Windows, Linux, and Mac. Here in this article, we will give you the best options for FileBot. So let’s get started. 


MediaElch is a media record coordinator and a free FileBot elective. It is open-source programming, and it isn’t that simple to make it work accurately. With MediaElch, you will get the option to deal with the entirety of your media records, including film documents, TV shows, and music documents. You can choose the wellspring of your document name titles by utilizing “scrapers.” Tv. This is a decent application once you make it work. 

Rename Master

Here is one more free FileBot elective for you. Rename Master is an application where you will rename an entire pack of your records with simply a solitary mouse click. You can utilize Rename Master on Windows PCs. The principal comment about Rename Master is that it looks exceptionally essential. The interface isn’t extravagant in any capacity, yet it works effectively to look past this. You can browse a vast number of renaming directions to set up your record names the way you need them. 

There is no scratching highlight for media records with Rename Master. You pick the document naming guidelines that you need and afterward change various forms without a moment’s delay. 


TheRenamer is a decent FileBot elective; however, it doesn’t work as expected with Windows 10. On the off chance that you are a Windows 10 client, you will be in an ideal situation attempting the TV Rename, which will examine beneath. 

You can utilize TheRenamer on Windows to sort out your film documents and TV show records pretty well without any problem. TheRenamer will scratch data from Google just as the vast data sets like TV.com, IMDB.com, EPGUIDES.com, and theTVDB.com. This guarantees that your records are renamed in the most precise manner.

Ember Media Manager

Another intriguing FileBot elective is Ember Media Manager. This application is for Windows clients just, and when you first utilize the application, it will demand that you reveal to it where your distinctive media documents are found and where you need them to store related work of art. 

Coal Media Manager will, at that point, peruse the areas on your PC you determined and make its data set of your media documents. After this, you can look through the data set and change the filenames, fine art, and other related data. There is a scratch work with Ember Media Manager that you can use to coordinate with your records.

Shoko Desktop

This is another alternative option. With the Shoko Desktop application, you have unlimited authority over your anime assortment and permits you to deal with your variety in your manner. With the inherent assortment watcher, you can orchestrate and sort out how the arrangements in your variety are named and shown. 

You can bunch related arrangements and can even make custom channels dependent on various models. This application gives an assortment of apparatuses to alter your mixture as per your own style, without the need to figure out how to code or physically make changes.


Rename-It can be utilized on Windows PCs. It has an extremely fundamental look, in this manner making the UI simple. The application gives a large number of renaming directions to set up your record names the way that you need them and has no scratching highlight for media documents. 

You can change various filenames on the double by essentially picking the document naming directions that you need them to have. With the review office, you can perceive what the records will resemble before you rename them.

TV Rename

This one functions admirably just on Windows 7 or higher variants. For better outcomes, we suggest that you introduce Kodi. A fascinating aspect regarding TV Rename is that it educates you concerning that missing scene from your TV document assortment. Furthermore, it likewise educates you regarding the data like when the TV shows will be on TV next. Television Rename can again catch names from The TVDB.

Advanced Renamer

This Renamer is a Windows just application that empowers you to arrange your media records and other documents. It gives various strategies to rename your records. Advanced Renamer can be utilized for pictures just as your media records. Progressed Renamer permits you to try and add GPS information to the image. Moved Renamer works diversely to FileBot in the strategies used to name your media records that do not suit everybody.


The FileBot tool helps you manage and organize your video files. It helps rename TV files, movies, and anime. When it comes to fetching movie subtitles, FileBot is a surprise. It can provide subtitles to your downloaded TV shows.

Most free tools work equally well with FileBot, and you will have no regrets about using them. So if you are looking for the best FileBot alternatives, you can choose from these alternatives.

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