Best Gift Ideas for Millennials in 2022

Best Gift Ideas for Millennials in 2022

The technical term for a Millennial is an individual born between the years of 1981 and 1996.  A more diverse view of a millennial is one that recognizes these people lived their formidable years during world-shaking events such as 9/11, the invasion of Iraq, and the explosion of the internet.  Whether global or social – millennials have been subjected to influences unique to any other generation. Consequently, this demographic of people has unique tastes, views, and preferences.  As such, millennials can be tricky to buy for during the holiday season.  Not to worry. We’ve curated this list of gift ideas for millennials in 2022 that will surely satisfy this discerning and uncommon generation.

Think Vintage for Gift-Giving

Many millennials will tell you that they appreciate the simpler days in their youth. That’s something you can use for excellent gift-giving ideas.  For instance, there is a huge surge in sales of so-called vintage items such as old-school radios and record players that has been largely propelled by millennials.  Therefore, consider giving them the gift of nostalgia to relive their glory days.  Think about going to a record shop and selecting some 1980s or 90s focused music they will love.  Or, perhaps you can get them a retro video game station so they can relive the old video games they grew up with.  You get the idea. A gift that hearkens back to simpler, earlier days can be a big winner for the millennial in your life.

Give the Gift of Self-Indulgence

According to a report on the spending habits of millennials, 70% devote their finances to self-care products and services.  With this in mind, think about giving them a gift that allows them to self-indulge and enjoy some leisurely time.  This could be an all-exclusive spa treatment session, or it could be as extravagant as giving them tickets to an exotic retreat.  The point here is that millennials appreciate a little TLC and pampering.  Why not support that with the perfect gift of self-indulgence for the millennial in your life?  They will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and they’ll certainly love the chance to get some much-needed R&R.

Think of Gifts That Keep on Giving

Recent consumer reports show that over 60% of millennials are big supporters of social, local, and global charitable causes..  In addition to getting socially involved, millennials are also well-known for being avid supporters of the environment and the conservation of the planet.  As such, think about gifts that align with a millennial’s desire to improve the world.  Perhaps you can establish an account in their name for a worthy philanthropic cause or charity.  Or, maybe you could have a tree planted yearly in their name.  This gift idea should be based on the personality you’re shopping for, but the beauty of taking this gift-giving tact is that it not only makes the recipient happy, but it is also for a good cause.

Surprise Them Each Month

It’s no secret that subscription services are hot gifts this year.  In fact, there are hundreds of different types of subscriptions to choose from, so you are bound to find one that will delight the millennial in your life.  Consider what is important to the person you are gifting, and then begin researching box subscription services that will be the perfect fit.  For example, if your millennial enjoys gardening – there’s a subscription for that.  And don’t forget streaming service subscriptions such as Hulu or Netflix.  If your millennial is like most (almost 45% of millennials prefer streaming subscriptions over regular television programming), then get them a streaming news, documentary, or movie subscription. Ultimately, subscription services are meant to thrill recipients with new, different, and unique offerings each month.  The fact that offerings change each month makes it the gift that keeps on getting better for the millennial in your life.

The Last Word

While shopping for millennials might seem easier than getting gifts for Gen Z or other generations – it’s still no walk in the park.  But if you take the time to learn about their point of view, their needs, and their interests – then you have your answer.  Hopefully, these ideas about the best gift ideas for millennials in 2022 will give you the proper inspiration you need to ace that perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

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