Best WordPress Hosting Convesio: Is It Worth Giving a Shot?

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio: Is It Worth Giving a Shot?

As a website proprietor, WordPress recognizes the struggles of protecting your site and dealing with any technical issues that may arise. To ease this burden, their team has taken it upon itself to review Convesio – one of the leading dedicated WordPress hosting companies – so you can confidently select an excellent service provider.

In this article, we will do the heavy lifting for you and unearth all of the details about WordPress hosting plans. So, whether or not it is worth trying out the best WordPress hosting Convesio, let us find out.

Overview of Convesio

In 2018, Tom Fanelli wanted to revolutionize the WordPress hosting industry and began designing an innovative platform that would provide users with user-friendly tools and resources without breaking their wallets. His ultimate aim was to create the best-managed WordPress hosting service in the world; this drove him as he worked on Convesio!

Soaring to the top of the web hosting industry, Convesio has become a favorite and highly-praised choice for WordPress sites. Recognized as one of the best in WordPress hosting, this provider offers an extensive variety of options while providing a fantastic infrastructure that ensures high-speed performance and trustworthiness. Thanks to their managed WordPress hosting solutions, they’ve been able to provide many companies with everything they need when running their website on WordPress.

This hosting provider combines the power of their software and WordPress, so you can rest assured that your website will be able to smoothly expand. Additionally, they have integrated well-known security applications such as Cloudflare, AWS Steadfast, and Google Cloud which ensure all hosted content is secure.

Convesio is the perfect hosting provider for your website, providing an optimized performance tailored to its individual needs with dedicated support services. Managing a WordPress site has never been simpler: Convesio’s exclusive features such as self-healing and autoscaling distinguish it from any other web hosting company in the industry. Enjoy unparalleled ease of use when setting up and managing your website with this remarkable service!

Convesio provides unparalleled hosting services, leveraging self-healing technology to ensure that websites stay up and running with absolutely no downtime. Additionally, they give you access to Docker Container technology – a powerful tool that allows for dividing your website traffic among multiple instances for optimal performance. With Convesio’s reliable solutions working together in perfect harmony, you are guaranteed the ultimate online experience!

Building a successful website becomes simple with this WordPress hosting service. It offers clustered database, application monitoring, and fast caching features that make your site stand out from the rest. Plus it boasts continuous security surveillance – so you can relax knowing that your data is in safe hands! 

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Convesios WordPress Hosting: Advantages & Disadvantages

No matter where you are in the world, Convesio’s team of professionals is focused on providing superior customer service. However, it is essential to understand both the upsides and downsides when selecting this WordPress hosting company. Let us take a look at what perks and potential drawbacks come along with their services.


  1. Convesio’s guarantee of consistent, reliable 100% uptime means that your customers can trust their website will stay up and running smoothly with no unexpected outages or lost traffic.
  2. By disseminating servers everywhere, they provide lightning-fast website navigation and remarkable website performance on any device – a guarantee! This ensures that your visitors have an optimal experience every time.
  3. Choose Docker Cloud for your cloud-based infrastructure needs and benefit from the extraordinary speed of application deployment. Convesio’s advanced technology enables you to run applications inside a lightweight, yet robust container that does not overwhelm computing resources.
  4. Uncover the limitless possibilities that Convesio has to offer with their free one-month trial, which allows you to host up to two websites. Activate your account today and experience all of Convesio’s powerful features!


  1. Convesio is a bit expensive compared to its other competitors in terms of its features as well as specifications
  2. A few Convesio hosting plans restrict performance by letting only one WordPress website be hosted
  3. Convesio’s Foundation plan may give rise to severe performance issues for users. Even though there are multiple containers, they do not seem to resolve the issue
  4. You have to have all your preferred fonts loaded in Cloudconvert, otherwise, Convesio may alter the file while you convert document files

How To Create a WordPress-Managed Website On Convesio

1. Create your 1st WordPress site

Visit the homepage of Convesio, sign up, and ‘start a free trial’. This procedure is simple and doesn’t require any information regarding payment.

  • After signing up, you will see Convesio’s dashboard. You have to pick ‘Create Your First Site’
  • Select ‘Set advanced options’
  • Choose the most recent PHP version, database type, location, WordPress version, and webserver type
  • Select ‘Deploy’ (this particular process may take up to 5 minutes)
  • Click on ‘Manage’ (here you will see the five following options: site dashboard, log in to WP admin, visit the site, set the site name, and delete the site)

2. Add your Domain, SSL, and Caching

After completing the second step of setup, you will be granted full access to your website’s traffic insights, disk usage info, page loading speed score, and more. Before routing your domain name to Convesio make sure that you have acquired all necessary IP address data. Keep in mind that Convesio does not offer any type of domain registration services so for guaranteed success buy a domain from well-known providers such as Godaddy or Namecheap!

This platform offers a myriad of features and functions to take care of most technical aspects, yet if something is missing or you need help with an option, in particular, their friendly customer support team is just a few clicks away.

Bottom Line

When it comes to WordPress hosting, Convesio is the pinnacle of excellence! With features that surpass any other managed or shared provider, this platform has all you need for a fast-paced launch towards success.

With this WordPress hosting solution, you won’t find a one-month free trial elsewhere. How amazing is it that this deal allows you to try out the service for an entire month! That in itself makes it worth your while.

As you shop around for a hosting provider, remember that the saying “You get what you pay for” is often true. Decide which features are most important to your company and its growth potential in order to make an informed decision. Even though there may be more affordable options on the market, selecting one with better service could prove invaluable down the line.

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