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‘Blockbuster’ Won’t Return for a Season 2: Netflix Cancels Comedy Series

‘Blockbuster’ Won’t Return for a Season 2: Netflix Cancels Comedy Series
  • The show precisely ran for one season and is not likely to make a comeback

Despite its initial anticipation, Netflix’s new comedy series Blockbuster was met with unfavorable reviews and a lack of viewership – ultimately leading to the cancellation of its second season. 

With a leading force from Vanessa Ramos (highly acclaimed for her works in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Superstore), this workplace comedy brings together some of the most talented actors, including Melissa Fumero, Randall Park, Tyler Alvarez, and Olga Merediz.

After its grand premiere on Netflix with 10 episodes on November 3rd, 2022, reviews regarding the show have been varied. It has earned a 5.1 rating from IMDb and 23% from RottenTomatoes users.

Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings gave a recommendation of the series in an enthusiastic Tweet to Netflix’s co-founder Marc Randolph, proving that it definitely deserves two thumbs up.

Is Blockbuster Canceled or Up for a Renewal?

Official Renewal Status of the Show: Canceled

After a month and a half of streaming on Netflix, Deadline revealed the show had been abruptly canceled.

As we previously discussed, Netflix will consider multiple factors when deciding whether or not to renew a show of this magnitude. One determinant that they pay close attention to is how many individuals complete the entire series—and in this case, it’s no exception.

After a momentous year of disappointment, Netflix Comedy has yet to extend the contracts for any new comedy series since May 2021. As a result, they have now decided to cancel all current programs.

There are several series that need to be renewed, including Hard Cell, The Pentaverate, God’s Favorite Idiot and Uncoupled, Mo., Chad and JT Go Deep. Unfortunately, Pretty Smart has been officially axed.

In her interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Vanessa Ramos expressed interest in an additional season of the show and even confirmed that she is already planning on venturing to Bend’s last Blockbuster store if they are renewed.

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How Well did Blockbuster Perform on Netflix?

Blockbuster had the potential to be a real game-changer for Netflix, but unfortunately its performance was anything but stellar from the start. According to all available metrics, Blockbuster’s numbers declined quickly and steadily over time.

The show failed to make the official Netflix top 10 list during its first week on the streaming platform, with less than 20.30M global hours watched over 7 days – a clear indication that it may not be as popular as initially anticipated.

In the United States, where renowned success is expected, the title reached its peak at number 8 on Netflix’s top 10s and vanished after just 6 days.

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