BMW And Audi Are The Latest Automakers To Shut Down Their Subscription Services

BMW And Audi Are The Latest Automakers To Shut Down Their Subscription Services
BMW And Audi Are The Latest Automakers To Shut Down Their Subscription Services

Several companies have car subscription service programs, and some of them are believed to run into trouble. Automotive News is mentioned in the Autoblog, and it states that BMW and Audi are both pausing or ending their subscription services. Companies once started their subscription program for consumers, but due to several problems faced, they are now planning to end it. Audi intends to win down its Select Program on January 31st, with no mention of revival. The Nashville-only Access by BMW is closing, with the Next Iteration of the service’s development by the automaker.

Both brands have not elaborated much on their decision. When Mercedes-Benz shuttered collection, however, mediocre demand was cited and also complained about the conflicts of switching between vehicles and personal items. Yet, the decision was not mentioned at the time, and the pandemic has not helped in such matters. The commute is significantly less by people, and are looking to save money, rather than flexibly swapping cars.

A few companies still have their subscription services going, like Volvo Care. However, it is not sure how far they will go. A slight revival may be experienced, although. Automotive Testing claims that Cadillac tests a resurrected book service along with the dealers. Although it will come into force after a year, the brand hoped to arrive in early 2020. It seems that the entire market is contracting, at least for now. Moreover, the Subscription strategy has not panned out as expected.

Subscriptions were like a mixed bag for the automobile industry. Ford shut down its subscription services during the last fall, which was further followed by low demand. However, a few automakers have had some success, including Volva, Porsche, Audi, Jaguar, etc. They are still offering their services. Most of such services are only available in selected cities and are still in the pilot phase.

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