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After completing graduation, getting a new job is the ultimate need of everyone. Especially fresher are often scared because they are new to the corporate world. They don’t have any idea how to find a good job. Where to find a job? So, here in this article, I am going to explain the methods which can help you in getting the right job.

Before you begin your new job search, it is important to know what you want. On which skills you have confidence. Polish your resume and devote plenty of time to finding jobs. There are various strategies to find a new job.

Let them discuss one by one.

  • Checking out the company website

If there is a certain company, you wish to work with. Then you can visit their website. There is a career section where all the current openings are listed. You can apply for the one which matches best with the skill you possess.

Companies love to find employees that already have a value associated with their company in particular. If you are fond of the company, you will most likely be fond of the culture and brand that is already in place. In this way, recruiters know you have an understanding of their company, and it makes you more valuable candidate.

  • Visit job portal

Job portals such as,,, are among the reputed job portal in the market. These are the great resources for finding employment. You can search by simply entering your experience, category, keyword, location, salary, etc. Some even have career resources or allow you to post your resume. Thousands of jobs are posted each day. So make sure you are checking it on a regular basis.

  • Do a Google search

Google your job search with different keywords and every time it will come up with multiple results. In this way, you will come across with various sites you haven’t checked out yet. It will make your job search refine.

  • Prefer job boards

Job boards are basically the websites which post the jobs supplied by the employers. Companies contact these job boards to post their job vacancies for potential new employees. Find the best job boards as per your skills and post your resume there.

  • Network

Networking is one of the best ways to find new jobs. Communicate with your previous and current colleagues. Convey your skills. You can also post your request on social media. Create your profile on LinkedIn and check it out every day.

  • Contact alumni from your college or university

You can contact your seniors. They can let you know about all the current hiring in their company. Also, they can guide you in the hiring process of the company.

  • Contact head-hunters or recruiters

There are many jobs which are not posted online. They are directly filled by either head-hunters or recruiters. Getting in touch with someone like this can help you in getting your dream job. But make sure that they are someone upon which you can trust. Don’t rely solely on them.

  • Attend Events

Job fairs are organized every year. Attend the job fairs and try to speak with at least two to three recruiters. It is a great way to meet potential employers.

So, there are some of the strategies which a fresher candidate can apply to grab their dream job. At present, there has been seen a great increment in Social Media marketing. There are lots of job portals which can help you in finding job vacancies. Monster Philippines is the leading job portal in Philippines which connect job seekers with relevant jobs to build a meaningful career.

Jitender Sharma is an entrepreneur and internet marketer with over 5 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, Creative Writer and Digital Marketing Consultant.

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