Bring Your Website Into The New Decade

Bring Your Website into the New Decade
Bring Your Website into the New Decade

E-Commerce is a rapidly growing platform around the world,  with social media, emails, text messages and so many more methods of attracting new customers, online websites have allowed individuals to access almost anything, immediately and has led to around 63% of all shopping beginning online.

Why are Websites Important?

With the industry becoming more and more dense, it is of utmost importance to ensure your website is the best it can be, to compete with the masses of competition available to users. This availability has led to customers expecting more for less from business, so your website needs provide viewers with ease and convenience above all else. It has never been so important to have a good website. With these Wix pricing plans, it has never been easier, not to mention affordable for your business to revitalise or create your businesses online presence

Modern Features

Online is the fastest growing platform and it’s not slowing down. The previous decade has seen the internet take over almost every market and become the go-to for the majority of the population for everything from retail to food.

Social media can be a crucial aspect of your website to keep your business relevant. Adding a link to your businesses Facebook, Instagram or Twitter can show your customers you are keeping up with the trends and your competitors. Also, these platforms provide numerous methods of existing and potential customers reaching your brand and learning more about you.

Having a mobile-friendly website in the age of smartphones is a no brainer. Around 50% of consumers shop on their mobiles more often than in-store; to be a successful e-commerce business, you need to utilize the rise of mobile shopping, with most big businesses offering apps, your business can compete by allowing site access on mobile devices.

Mobiles are the number one device that consumers use to view retail websites and are on par with desktops for retail orders. Even though consumers are not always buying from their mobiles, they are using them to have their original experiences on sites, which then leads to them visiting again and ultimately spending their money, making mobile access crucial.

Customer loyalty is an aspiration to any businesses, but how can you encourage this online?

In recent years, online website subscriptions are a growing method of retaining customers and encouraging their continued business. Subscriptions can vary…

  • Emails to advertise deals give members the chance to have the first look at offers or give them money off to reward their loyalty. This not only encourages customers to purchase on the site but also acts as frequent reminders that your website is still live and if they should take a look.
  • Sales subscriptions allow customers to pay monthly fees and be sent their items after only checking-out once. This prevents customers from forgetting to order, they are automatically paid for until cancelled. This allows businesses to create a loyal customer base with ease.

What Makes A Quality Site?

  • Clear

Customers don’t want to search for information, especially in an age where ease is on the up, your website should make it clear to users…

  • What you are selling
  • Target audience

Customers need to understand what it is your business does as soon as they view the site, if they can’t immediately tell, they will most likely search elsewhere. Studies show that if you have not captured viewers interest in the first 15 seconds of them using your website, it is likely their business is lost. To grab their attention you need to be clear that they are in the right place, straight away.

  • Easy to navigate

This link to the idea of your website being clear. First time visitors should be able to do what they want and get where they need, they should know exactly where they can find what they want, without confusion.

It is also beneficial to make your most popular content the most available. If previous viewers have taken a liking to certain aspects of your website, make sure that new users see them too, don’t hide what your audience likes.

  • Well designed

The saying never judge a book by its cover does not apply here, customers will judge your website by their first look at their landing page. Your website should reflect your target audience and appeal to their wants and needs. For example, if you are a business site, clear and professional are aesthetics to strive for, but not so much for a children’s clothing site.

As well as first impressions, the features of your website should be designed for ease. Features such as ‘save for later’, ‘live chat’ or ‘recommended’ allow your customers to receive a personalised experience, as well as providing them with ease while using your site.

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