Career Options for After Graduation

Career Options for After Graduation

Congratulations, you have graduated! Throw your hat in the air and smile for your graduation snap; now it’s time to search for a starter career that will ensure you are comfortable and secure in your life and challenged in your profession. The economy is tough at the moment, but there are still some excellent opportunities to be found. Read on to find out about your career options. 

An Industry 

What you decide to do after graduation is based on a number of factors. First, it depends on how you studied or trained; most people have developed foundational skillsets through early training, which they want to take forward. But there are social and economic factors to consider. 

In the past, it was conventional to pursue specialist training after graduating, but these days, entering an industry is an excellent option. Every professional role has practical and theoretical frameworks, but these days, there is more of an emphasis on the practical side of things.      

An Internship 

If you intend to gain experience in an industry, but you don’t know where to start, you could consider Interning in London. An internship gives you foundational experience in the industry and allows you to build contacts. These features help you to enter the industry and succeed. 

Whether it is a year or a few months, an internship offers a rare opportunity to access the industry and gain experience. For this reason, internships can be difficult to secure after graduation. That said, you should be able to find one if you have a serious focus on a career. 

Professional Training 

Professional training might play second fiddle to industry experience in today’s economy, but that doesn’t mean it is null and void. If you intend to enter a professional industry like teaching, nursing, or another public service, you need to gain professional qualifications after graduation. 

Professional training typically lasts for a year or two years, depending on the qualification and occupation; in most cases, there will be a theoretical and practical side of the job that needs to be assessed. Occasionally, you find qualifications offering paid roles or bursaries during studies. 


Freelancing does require some industry experience to be successful, but it is much more common and accessible than it once was. If you are a self-starter currently studying a degree, you can find paid work as a freelancer and gain crucial industry experience for after graduation. 

Freelancing opportunities come in different forms, but most people get started by applying their core skills to the market. Whether you have writing skills, graphic design skills, or teaching skills, you can find paid work on a variety of platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork during term time.  

Public Services 

Public services make an excellent career choice because there is always a demand for them, and they offer excellent career progression. Again, there are various ways into public service positions, including internships, volunteering, professional qualifications, and starter positions. If you want to contribute to your community and earn and good salary, consider public services.  

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