Careers In Education

Careers In Education

Working in education can be an incredibly rewarding career path. It is a role that can see you impact and make a difference in the lives of others daily. The majority of education-based careers will require a degree in education in some capacity. That does not however mean your career will be spent standing in front of a class of students teaching. There are many careers in education to fit all personalities, skill sets, and interests. So if you are considering a career in education then here are some of the potential vocations for you. 


The most obvious career path to pursue when entering the world of education is of course teaching. A teacher will prepare and educate their students for the world and teaching comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. What subject matter you teach will depend on the age of students and your education specialty. Teachers are required in early-year education through to college lecturers. Teaching is not always considered an easy job. Teachers will often face challenging environments or difficult students but it is also said to be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding roles that is well suited to those who love learning and have a passion for education. 

Teaching assistants

Teaching assistants provide support roles in the classroom from preschool to high school. They can help organize preschool cubbies and storage facilities, put up displays, print out homework, and of course, work with and help students. They offer up an extra pair of hands to assist and aid teachers deliver the lessons and education required. Teaching assistants are an incredibly valuable asset to a classroom. 

Education administrators 

An education administrator will help to manage the administration, support system, and activities that help keep the education institution running. The role of the education administrator can be hugely varied depending on the institution and its requirements. Typically speaking, however, as an education administrator you will be expected to work with governing bodies and academic boards to ensure the prosperity of the facility and students together with dealing with all tasks such as budgeting, policy planning, queries, and complaints. Education administrator roles are well suited to those who have excellent organizational skills and impeccable written and verbal communication. It can also be a high pressured role that requires being able to work in high pressured environments while maintaining excellent attention to detail. 

School counseling

School counselors can play an incredibly important role in the life of a student and be a pillar of great support and advice. As a school counselor, you will help students with their social, academic, and emotional well-being. Counselors can help to guide students in terms of their future career path or be there to help with social anxieties or difficulties they may be experiencing. Counselors will be required to listen to, support, and encourage students, and as such patience, compassion and problem-solving are all key skills required of school counselors. Furthermore, counselors work closely with students but also teachers, parents, and administrators to help improve the welfare of students, and as such excellent advocacy and communication skills are also imperative as a counselor. 

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