Cash Management Options Used by Financial Institutions

Cash Management Options Used by Financial Institutions
Cash Management Options Used by Financial Institutions

One of the main issues faced by banks and financial institutions is finding a viable and effective solution to manage their cash. Each FI will have to operate, maintain and ensure the proper functioning of several ATMs spread miles apart.

While some banks come up with the solutions on their own, smaller institutions do not have the necessary resources to sustain such a plan. Each financial institution takes a different approach to find the best way they can optimize their ATMs while making sure that there is enough cash in each machine.

In-House Cash Management

Bigger firms often believe that it is more effective to create a team within the company to manage their cash. This option comes with better confidentiality and security since all the decisions they make and the reports regarding the operations will stay within the company.

Financial institutions that decide on an in-house approach will have to create a specific department that focusses on these tasks with sufficient resources. They cannot employ staff who are already engaged in other work since this could lead to an overall reduction in efficiency in multiple areas.

Although it brings much more security, this approach comes with several drawbacks. The employees tasked with managing ATMs might not have received the necessary training and experience required for this particular job. If the bank’s ATMs are spread over hundreds of miles or in different states, the employees will have to spend hours travelling from one machine to another.

If one of the machines require repairs, they will take a while to reach that location and get it up again. This could lead to a reduction in profits that could have been availed from the withdrawals made in that machine. It would also be difficult for these firms to equip their machines with the latest technologies and to regularly check whether they work in accordance with the numerous regulations. In-house management also often tend to be more expensive than other solutions.

Using cash management software systems

Another route that institutions take to keep the cash management in-house is to develop their own system. They can come up with solutions that are tailored to their needs and machines. But there are too many drawbacks to this option. The system that is developed would soon become outdated in a few years, and the company might have to start all over again. As ATMs keep changing, these systems will require newer updates. They wouldn’t be able to identify and use specialized software or upgrades that become available in the market quickly.

Another option is to purchase a software that was developed by an outside firm. This could prove to be more effective since the software will be well equipped to carry out various tasks, give notifications regarding necessary refills, print out reports, etc., with manual clearance by an employee. This off-the-shelf software will also have provisions in place to come up with accurate cash forecasts, removing the hassles associated with overfilling or running out of cash.

Cash Management Options Used by Financial Institutions
Cash Management Options Used by Financial Institutions


One of the most effective solutions for cash management is to find a third-party service provider. These atm services free up the bank’s employees to focus on other tasks at hand. The ATM cash management services will provide you with extremely competent staff who are skilled at optimizing ATM functions and have experience working with other financial institutions. They will provide the machines with regular maintenance and upgrades while also making sure that they comply with various regulations.

When partnering with another company for their cash management needs, banks no longer have to spend any time or efforts rushing to fix and maintain their machines. These companies will help in everything from moving your cash, servicing the machines and making the necessary changes to follow different guidelines.

Combining various options

Financial institutions, instead of going for just one solution, might choose multiples ones at the same time. They might make use of both an outside software alongside one developed by their own team to manage their cash.

This is often not effective since some machines will receive various upgrades while others don’t, and it might get difficult to keep track of everything. It would be much more practical to choose a single method and keep adding each machine to the system every time you install a new one somewhere.

Firms might also use their own team to make predictions and carry out maintenance while employing a Cash-in-transit service to move the money. Financial experts do not consider this the right method to follow and advise banks to fully outsource their cash management while focusing on their customers and other tasks.

Summing up

Banks could set up their own internal team to manage their ATMs or develop a system to do so. The more efficient methods are said to be outsourcing the task to an ATM service provider and using software developed by companies working in this particular field.

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