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Children’s Game Streaming TV Station Growing in Popularity

Children's Game Streaming TV Station Growing in Popularity

Kids love video games and consume a substantial amount of gaming-related content. Kidoodle.TV is a family-friendly streaming platform that has expanded its offerings in order to meet that demand.


Kidoodle.TV is a streaming platform for children, and what distinguishes it from other platforms is that all content has been watched by an adult prior to being available. This includes TV shows, YouTube-style content and commercials. This provides parents peace of mind and eases the responsibility of having to vet the content that your child consumes. Kidoodle.TV operates via both a freemium and premium model. Freemium accounts are funded by ads, which are also vetted. Premium accounts have access to the same content and parental controls but are not fed any ad content at all.

Adapting to Increased Demand

Kidoodle.TV launched in 2012 and has continued to grow in popularity since, but its growth has perhaps never been greater than it has been during the pandemic. Households throughout North America were transformed as parents began to work from home and kids attended school remotely as well. Parents needed a safe streaming option for kids and Kidoodle.TV filled that need. But as the demand increased, it became clear that Kidoddle.TV was not meeting all the content needs of the modern child.

Kids Consume Gaming Content

Kids love video games. In fact, just about everyone loves video games these days, and arguably, no aspect of the entertainment industry saw as great an increase in interest during that pandemic. Many parents also gained a greater appreciation for the content that their children were consuming. Kids not only love to play video games but to watch gaming-related content. This includes tutorials but also Let’s Play videos and streamers who have big personalities and share their interests.

Unsafe Gaming Content

Video games cater to a wide range of people. Consider a game like Minecraft. It is beloved by children but also by adults and has earned millions of fans from all around the world. That means that Minecraft-related content can be rather diverse, and some of it may not be appropriate for you kids. Many children are drawn to platforms like YouTube and Twitch for gaming content, but these are platforms that do not provide parents with much control over the kind of content their kids watch.

How Kidoodle.TV Serves Children and Parents

Since 2020, Kidoodle.TV has increased its video-game-related library by 500%. This expanded content includes television shows that are based on or inspired by video games. But it also includes the kind of content that kids seek out on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Kidoodle.TV has even partnered with content creators. A great example is Abdallah Smash who is a YouTube content creator that focuses on Nintendo games, creates kid-friendly material and has proved quite popular with children.

The fact that all content is watched by an adult prior to being available on the stream is a big component of the success Kidoodle.TV has enjoyed, but there is more to it than that. Kidoodle.TV is unsurpassed among streaming platforms when it comes to parental controls. Available via the app or the website is what is know as the Parents Room. Via this room, parents have access to all of their Kid Profiles, and this is particularly handy for parents with multiple children. Parents can monitor viewing habits, block access to particular content, set up time limits and even dictate when automatic shutdown occurs.

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