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China’s Baidu is Set to Introduce a ChatGPT-style bot In March

China’s Baidu is Set to Introduce a ChatGPT-style bot In March

Baidu, renowned as China’s Google equivalent, will embed its services into the search engine.

According to a source familiar with the matter, Chinese internet search giant Baidu Inc (9888.HK) is set to launch its own AI chatbot service similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT in March. This sophisticated new invention promises users an interactive and personalized experience when conversing online — one that can quickly respond accurately and effectively at almost any given moment.

The technology enterprise intends to roll out the service as a standalone application and eventually incorporate it into its search engine, according to an anonymous source who was unable to be named due to confidentiality.

ChatGPT’s advanced technology can learn from thousands of data sets, enabling it to answer user queries in a natural way. It offers information like an internet search engine and converses with the same eloquence as an up-and-coming novelist.

OpenAI, a research lab based in California has unveiled its newest program: GPT-3. This Large Language Model (LLM) is powered by feeding it with hundreds of billions of words from books, conversations, and web articles to build an AI that uses statistical probability for predicting the words or sentences that will come after whatever text was inputted; much like predictive texting on cellphones but magnified significantly so that entire responses are created instead of single words.

In China, chatbots are typically used for social conversations. However, ChatGPT is far more advanced and capable of carrying out professional tasks like programming and essay writing with greater accuracy.

Baidu is looking to revolutionize the way users search for information by introducing AI-powered chatbot results alongside user requests, according to an anonymous source.

Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) is reportedly pondering over the possibility of augmenting its current $1 billion investment in San Francisco-based OpenAI, according to Reuters. Not only that, but Microsoft has also ventured into integrating OpenAI’s sophisticated image-generation software with its Bing search engine — a direct challenge to Google from Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O).

Beijing-based Baidu is expanding its investments into AI technologies, such as cloud services, chipsets, and self-driving vehicles to create a broad range of income sources.

Last month, at a developer conference, Baidu revealed three revolutionary AI “creators” that could easily take on the job of screenwriter, illustrator, editor and animator. 


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