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Choosing a Crypto Asset for Long-Term Investment

Choosing a Crypto Asset for Long-Term Investment

Crypto markets are extremely volatile and unpredictable. They can provide incredible profits, deemed impossible in other industries. However, they can also lose significant amounts of value in bear markets, like the one we are currently experiencing. 

That said, these downturns provide some great market entries if you are looking for a long-term investment. History has proven that crypto markets work in cycles, and eventually recover to offer some unexpected gains. 

Could XDC network and Casper be two such gems? This article will compare XDC vs CSPR and provide some information about the fundamentals of these promising cryptocurrencies. 

XDC Network — Bespoke Fork of ETH

The XDC Network has been around for a while in the crypto markets. Released in 2018, this EVM-compatible blockchain is a fork of Ethereum, with a twist. It tries to solve the scalability problems of the original Ethereum blockchain by provisioning a proof of stake consensus. 

On XDC, users can secure the network by staking their tokens with validators. These validators confirm transactions and create new blocks on the chain. However, to avoid spam and keep the protocol decentralized, validators need to provide minimal proof of work as well. 

As such, XDC Network attempts to benefit from the advantages of both PoS and PoW, and simultaneously avoid the drawbacks of each consensus mechanism. 

However, the XDC Network has more aces up its sleeve than just a high-performance blockchain. It’s the only blockchain project that participates in the Trade Finance Distribution Initiative (TFDi). This consortium has the goal of creating the blueprint for global trade finance distribution. As the only blockchain in this initiative, XDC will provide trade finance assets to be widely accessible and decentralized. 

XDC Crypto — Major Ups and Downs

Shortly after its launch in 2018, XDC enjoyed a short-lived bull market, which drove the price from $0.003 to $0.009 in just a few months. However, during the bear market of 2019, the price dropped as low as $0.0005. 

It was in 2021 that XDC returned to good form. The price, which had been rising in 2020, reached $0.005 by the beginning of 2021. Then, the bull market literally skyrocketed the value of XDC, pushing prices as high as $0.19 in August 2021. 

The following bear market has currently pushed prices much lower, and XDC is trading at around $0.025. 

Casper — Accelerator of Blockchain Technology Adoption

Casper is a scalable smart contract platform that was specifically designed to grow blockchain adoption through its future-proof architecture. It uses the Casper CBC specification, which ensures usability, security, and decentralization for both developers and users. 

CBC stands for Correct-by-Construction, which is a family of consensus mechanisms that provide various algorithms for different use cases. This ensures that the chain remains scalable and secure. Also, it can be modularly adapted to the use case of the particular enterprise-level service required from it. 

CSPR — Major Ups and Downs

The Casper blockchain was launched in the first half of 2021 and experienced quite a downfall from its launch price. The timing was unfortunate, as it coincided with the crypto crash of May 2021. From $1.3, CSPR crashed to $0.06 in a matter of weeks. 

While a short-term recovery pushed prices higher, at $0.2 in November 2021, CSPR has been bleeding value ever since. The token is currently trading at $0.02. 

What Is Best for a Long-Term Investment Strategy?

XDC has proven that it can be quite resilient in bear markets and that the team is strong enough to resist significant downturns. Casper, on the other hand, provides very strong fundamentals, and the price never actually managed to match this potential. 


XDC and CSPR are two very different projects with quite disparate use cases. XDC is aiming to become a staple in the trade finance industry, while Casper’s goal is broad blockchain tech adoption. For example, comparing UNI vs ZRX is much more straightforward, as both projects provide similar solutions. 

In either case, the market has opened a great opportunity for investors to accumulate some of these tokens and await the eventual bull run. 

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