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Chris Hemsworth Doesn’t Want to Play Thor for So Long That Spectators Start to Roll Their Eyes Seeing Him

Chris Hemsworth Doesn’t Want to Play Thor for So Long That Spectators Start to Roll Their Eyes Seeing Him
Image: Gage Skidmore

While all the Thor movies have been massive financial success stories, even the not-so-widely-liked Thor: Love and Thunder making $760 million across the globe, not all of them are equally acclaimed. Chris Hemsworth, Thor, himself thinks that the fourth movie with Thor at the center, “Thor: Love and Thunder” was silly. His son’s friends are the most straight-forward critics of the film. They say, “We thought this one had too much humor, the action was cool but the VFX weren’t as good,” Hemsworth told in an interview.

Hemsworth, whose action thriller movie sequel Extraction 2 just hit Netflix today, says he wants Thor 5 to be “unpredictable”. Even though he doesn’t know what the next film of the franchise holds, he says, “There’s always conversations…Before anything is official, people are throwing around ideas. But officially, I don’t know.” 

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He is worried that if they keep making Thor films without bringing in new, unpredictable, and unique ideas, it will reach a point where the audience will be exhausted. The Avengers star says, “I don’t want to continue to do it until people are so exhausted that they roll their eyes when they see me come on the screen as that character.” 

He says he’d love to reinvent the Norse God if there is truly something new and fun to explore. He says, “I’ve loved being able to reinvent that character a few times. I don’t have the answer yet, but I would love to try and [figure out] how we can do that again and keep it a little unpredictable.” 

Silly or not, we love seeing Thor on the big screen. And we’re quite sure that the makers will find a way of reinventing Thor.

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