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Christie Brinkley, “The Girl in the Red Ferrari” Would Love to Reappear

Christie Brinkley, “The Girl in the Red Ferrari” Would Love to Reappear

Christie Brinkley played the role of the girl in the red Ferrari in the 1983 film National Lampoon’s Vacation. She’d love to work on a sequel to the movie.

Christie Brinkley is all ready for an old-fashioned Christmas, caroling with her family by a Christmas tree. She loves to spend her Christmas with her family like all of us. She says in an interview, “I love Christmas, and I love decorating. When the kids were little, I loved recreating all the magic. I would put the train track around the tree, and all of that stuff,” 

She likes to recreate the same magic her mother used to create. She adds, “Whenever I come across a Christmas carol, I print it up, I tie it together with my used ribbons from all the gifts, so it’s festive, and then I pass out the books, so everybody knows the lyrics, so we can sing three verses of ‘Silent Night,’

Christie Brinkley who is a famous American Sports Illustrated Model starred in the 1983 film National Lampoon’s Vacation. She appeared in a sequel of the film, Vegas Vacation, and commercials modeled on the film. Christie Brinkley played the role of a gorgeous woman who drove a red Ferrari and kept running into her family during her vacation.

She recently met her co-stars from the movie and expressed her desire to work with them albeit in a ‘not so serious’ manner. Brinkley said, “I just love them so much. It was so great to see them, and it was so much fun,” When asked if she’d like to star in a sequel she said, “We should. We really should. C’mon Chevy, let’s do it.”

Christie Brinkley was previously married to Billy Joel with whom she shares a daughter. She also has two sons with Peter Cook. Right now, the 68-year-old is single and focused on living every day of her life to the fullest. In her words, “It’s all about appreciating where you are at the moment, and at the moment, I have this beautiful life, and I’m loving it, if somebody happens to stumble into it, and it fits, great. But, otherwise, I’m in the moment, and I’m loving life and living each day to the fullest, and just loving life.” 

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