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Closed Beta for Tarisland MMORPG to Take Place on June 27th

Closed Beta for Tarisland MMORPG to Take Place on June 27th
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Tarisland is a highly anticipated game. It has been in development for years. The developers have finally announced its closed beta on June 27th. The closed beta will be available in select regions for mobile players – Brazil, Canada, the Philippines, and the UK. The PC version will have a global beta.

Tarisland promises an expansive world filled with diverse biomes, civilizations, and quests. You’ll have the freedom to fully customize your character. The game will have a seasonal system to keep things fresh. They will introduce new PvE content and PvP challenges regularly.

Tarisland is focusing on creating a fair and sustainable game ecosystem. The developer expresses no intent of pushing pay-to-win elements or stat-boosting items for sale. The priority is on skill and strategy giving every player a fair chance. 

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Seamless cross-platform access will make the game more enjoyable. The PC version even offers a customizable interface, giving you a personalized gaming experience. The game encourages exploration. You can engage in five crafting professions, play PvP in Arenas and Battlegrounds on top of the enthralling main story line.

In the closed beta, you’ll be able to choose from seven classes. Some locations that you’ll be allowed to explore are the Ancash Canyon, SilverLit, and the Misty Forest. You can team up with other players to start a raid or conquer dungeons. The first team to beat four dungeon bosses with 10 players will earn exclusive Closed Beta rewards and titles.

June 27th is the date. Get ready for a potentially one-of-a-kind MMORPG. The trailer for the Beta reveals a world with non-stop action, diverse settings, and a lot of fun characters to compete with. There is a lot of promise around the storyline and the game play. Don’t miss the chance to get an early feel of Tarisland MMORPG.


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