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Cocoon is as Natural and Exciting as a Metroidvania Gets

Cocoon is as Natural and Exciting as a Metroidvania Gets
Image: Annapurna Interactive

Geometric Interactive is a studio formed by Jeppe Carlsen and Jakob Schmid. Both of them have been Playdead employees. Carlsen led the gameplay design of the award-winning puzzle games Limbo and Inside. Schmid was the audio programmer for Inside. They have collaborated on other successful projects too. They pair had been working on Cocoon for over five years in Denmark with a small team. The game had its first gameplay demo at the Summer Game Fest, and it was a natural stunner to say the least.

The environment creates the complexity of the game as the controls are limited to the joystick and on button. The creators pack a lot of experience in designing minimalist platformers. That experience and collaborative chemistry shines through this neo-classic Metroidvania.

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The game revolves around orbs. Each orb has a world in it. You collect the orbs, place them in certain cutouts and enter the world inside. Each orb has some tasks for you and a boss-fight. You are supposed to find objects contained within the environment to defeat the bosses. Sometimes, when you take a hit, the boss simply ousts you instead of dealing damage or killing you.

The game is full of surprises, and yet everything seems very natural. Your instincts chip in as you solve puzzle after puzzle to progress and build new skills. It has very little dialogue, and almost no tutorial. You are pretty much on your own in terms of learning your way around the game. 

The demo allowed enthusiasts to play the opening of the game, so the puzzles were pretty easy to crack. Going by the reputation of the makers, puzzles and tasks will surely intensify as the game progresses. Overall, Cocoon will definitely feature in the wishlist of all Metroidvania fans.  

Video by Annapurna Interactive

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