Come Up With a Powerful and Motivating Career Vision

Come Up With a Powerful and Motivating Career Vision

In the last couple of years, largely as a result of the global pandemic, huge numbers of people have been questioning the course of their professional lives — and have been asking whether or not they’re really content remaining in the jobs, and on the trajectories that they find themselves in.

Of course, questioning the current state of your career and looking for opportunities to make a change can be pretty daunting in a number of different ways. It might require retraining, it might involve a long and drawn out job search, and it might require a bit of soul-searching.

While every career vision and journey are, of course, deeply personal, here are a few tips and ideas that may nonetheless help you to come up with your own motivating career vision going forward.

Think about ways you could leverage your current skills to change your career trajectory for the better

At this point in your professional life, you’ve likely developed certain useful professional skills already, whether those skills have to do with concrete formwork like green formwork, or whether they focus on a discipline such as IT.

Often, there will be ways to leverage your current skills and to use them to make a lateral step towards a slightly different career path, or at least job.

It might be that having professional insight into something like the automotive industry could give you an “in” to copywriting or doing graphic design for a car company, for example.

Sometimes doing a bit of training on the side will add enough variety to your existing skillset to give you access to a new avenue.

Take the time to identify the beliefs that may have shaped the course of your career up to this point

If you find yourself in a particular career, or in a particular job, and aren’t too happy with it — there’s a good chance that you’ve ended up in that situation due to certain underlying beliefs and assumptions of yours that may not be best serving you.

Are you “stuck” in a particular role because you feel like you have no other choice? Or as if you’ve “invested too much time and energy now to change?”

By identifying and challenging some of these underlying beliefs, you may come to valuable insights, and a sense of motivation, that can help you to make a change.

Work to simultaneously overhaul your career and your life as a whole

Although it may sound counterintuitive up front — and as if it would be far too much work — the reality of the situation is that it’s often easiest to overhaul your career when you are taking steps to overhaul your life more generally, at the same time.By, for example, establishing uplifting set daily routines, and adopting practices such as regularly working out and keeping your living space organised, you are likely to have significantly more energy and drive when it comes to the changes you are trying to make in your career, as well.

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