Common Issues With iPhones and How To Troubleshoot

Common Issues With iPhones and How To Troubleshoot
Common Issues With iPhones and How To Troubleshoot

In the modern-day world, technology is a part of our culture. Most of our lives are centered around the innovations and advancements of the tech sector. Integral spheres of our everyday lives like education, communication, and commerce rely on technological creations. Apple Inc. is notably one of the pre-eminent tech giants that have launched groundbreaking consumer electronics. iPhones are Apple’s greatest flagship devices; being such a quotidian tool has only heightened their popularity as a household name. Even with all the upgrades made on the iPhone series performance and quality, users still encounter hitches. Before you freak out, most of the iPhone glitches you may have encountered are easily fixable, quite effortless that you can rectify from the comfort of your couch. Here is a look into five of the most common iPhone bugs and how to fix them.

Battery Drainage

Since all iPhones are smart and intuitive devices, losing battery power is prone to happen; however, before you run down to the store to get a battery replacement, you might want to try out a couple of things. First, carry out a battery check in your settings to ensure that your usage number is lower than your standby number. Turning off all background applications that you are not using and checking for each application’s impact on your battery could save you a lot. You may find that some applications are excessively draining your battery, in which case you could opt for an alternative app. Another measure is to use your phone on Low Power Mode and switch off location services when not in use. Also, don’t forget to check for software updates regularly.

Frozen Screen

Many iPhones have reported their screens turning black, especially after an iOS or firmware update. If you find your iPhone screen switched to black, don’t worry; it isn’t uncommon. Updating your iPhone hardware and software sometimes can freeze the screen, which is an outright inconvenience since your phone’s functionality is tied to the screen. However, screen freezing caused by software crashes is the easiest glitch to manoeuvre your way around. Attempt to force quit all the running apps and force shut the device; this process will not erase your device’s data. If you have one of the newer versions of iPhone, look up how to turn on your iPhone XR or turn it off when your screen is stuck on black. Before you restart your phone, you should allow it about an hour to charge, and you’re good to go!


Even with their cutting-edge performance, iPhones tend to overheat from extensive utilization and multitasking. What is essential to take into account is that, like any other electronic gadget, it is susceptible to long-term, severe damage when exposed to excessive heat. Your first line of action when your phone overheats should be to disable any applications running in the background, switch to Low Power Mode, and stay away from heated environments. If the overheating persists, you might want to consider resetting your iPhone and avoid using it while it charges. Although the occasional iOS update could be heating your phone, in which case you have nothing to worry about.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Nothing is more frustrating than poor or no Wi-Fi connection. Regardless of the phone brand you are using, Wi-Fi connectivity issues are pretty standard. The fool-proof solution for lost internet connection or lousy Wi-Fi functionality would be to restart your smartphone and router. You may also want to consider switching the HTTP proxy in your settings or, better yet, contacting your internet service provider. Even so, you might want to take into account your geographical location; some places have poor internet access and network reception.

Even with the impressive discoveries and innovations the tech world makes, drawbacks are bound to exist. No doubt that the technology giants will always conjure solutions and advancements to keep their consumers satisfied; however, not every problem needs an intervention from your nearest Apple store. As complex as the technological revolution may seem, there’s always an elementary solution you can seek before splurging on a new phone.

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