Contribute to the Environment while Going to Work

Contribute to the Environment while Going to Work

There are many ways you can contribute to the environment. And how you get to work can have a big impact on your personal carbon emissions. Here are some of the best ways to commute.

Share a Vehicle

Car sharing can greatly reduce the number of cars on the road, which would help a lot with traffic incidents and pollution. Registers and encouragement from many companies make it easier for people to share cars. Accidents can still happen, though. You can help save the environment. But if you get into an accident, you should hire a rideshare accident attorney to protect yourself from loss of earnings while out of work, because of trying to get to work!

Use Your Legs

People often forget that their legs can be used as an alternative way to get to work, and walking to work is an option for many people. Walking is also a low-intensity way to get to work, so you won’t be all hot and sweaty when you get there. On the other hand, one of the most popular ways to get to work is by bike, even though you might need a shower when you get there. But it isn’t affected by traffic, road work, or other things that can happen on the road, and it can be quicker.

Contribute to the Environment with Alt-Transport

There are many alternative transport options you can choose from. Trains and buses aren’t the only way to get around a city. And there are fun ways you get from place to place these days:

  • eBikes and Scooters are very popular, but there are laws depending on where you live.
  • Segways have been around for a while and provide clean and quick transport.
  • Skating has been around for decades and is a fun way to zip around a city.

Although these are fun modes of transport, they aren’t without dangers. They are moving vehicles and can cause injury to yourself and others, so use them with safety in mind.

Use Public Transport

On the bus or train, you can read, listen to a podcast, or watch the latest episode of a cool show. Your time is your own, and you can even get some work done on a long commute since most public transportation options now have free Wi-Fi. However, the bad thing is that you are at the mercy of the transportation companies. Canceled services, delays, and other problems can be very annoying. And in the UK, public transport strikes are currently plaguing the nation.

Stay at Home

Remote work is becoming more common. Not only does it save you a few commutes each week, but it also gives you more time to work and add value to your company. Companies are becoming more aware of the benefits, especially after COVID. So if this isn’t offered, it might be worth talking to your boss to see if they’d be willing to help you work from home. Even though it’s not widely known, you have a legal right to ask for flexible work from your employer.


If you want to contribute to the environment a little more, you can change how you get to work. Ridesharing is trendy. But you can also use personal vehicles like eScooters or remote work.

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