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‘Cooking on High’ and ‘Heavy Rescue: 401’ to leave Netflix by July 2021

‘Cooking on High’ and ‘Heavy Rescue: 401’ to leave Netflix by July 2021

The sad news is that two Netflix original series are going to depart from the streaming platform in most of the regions in July 2021. Cooking on High is going to leave Netflix in July 2021 whereas the Heavy Rescue: 401 departing will depend on where you live.

Everyone knows that removal from Netflix is nothing new. In fact, it is something regular. However, seeing the Netflix original titles being removed is not regular. This is because the individuals expect them to stay on Netflix indefinitely although as we’ve cataloged over time and that’s not the case.

Before we get into the explanation of each title, let us tell you that both of them are fixed to be removed fully on June 22nd, 2021.

Heavy Rescue: 401 is the show that is going to be highlighted first because this comes under the traditional pattern for Netflix Originals being removed. For instance, this is the show that was produced and aired on The Weather Channel in Canada. Only the first two seasons were there on Netflix, the rest of the three were on the channel only. The series is finally going to be removed from Netflix in Canada. But the show is due to be removed from Netflix in the United States and Latin America. This is because they are not expiring from Netflix in the US and Latin America.

Cooking on High is also going to be removed from Netflix. Only one of the seasons was produced by Stage 13 for Netflix. Hence, this is not the last time we are seeing the original titles leave Netflix. As licensing is a trick to handle on, shows leaving out Netflix is also a trick.

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