Coworkings: Why Becoming More And More Trendy?

Coworkings: Why Becoming More And More Trendy?

Nowadays a lot of people visit coworking spaces, often known as a shared workplace. Several experts collaborate within a particular workplace to fulfill the business activities on an independent basis. Even when you are a freelancer, the aim is to maintain an enterprise and pleasant culture. Such an invention may be an appealing option for starting a business without investing big sums of money on premises. First coworking space developed in the United States and Germany during the 2000s. To combat loneliness,  workers opt to gather in shared workspaces. They develop communities in which they share resources, expertise, and social bonds which is very useful in terms of gaining the needed experience and passing it on. It is definitely rooted in a rejection of big business’s hierarchical and impersonal codes: informality and the sharing economy are the core worlds of these new workspaces.

This hybrid model is gaining traction, with most workers quitting their offices in favor of a monthly coworking membership, and major corporations increasingly relocating part of their project teams there. By combining coworking and business center codes, it is feasible to address the need for flexible real estate from businesses and will soon compete with traditional real estate sectors. Since 2015, we can safely claim that coworking has evolved into a market and has reached a period of supply structuring and concentration.

The concept of coworking developed in the United States, with the goal of providing a big location where multiple entrepreneurs may come and work together.

There are a lot of web entrepreneurs and service providers. This is an intriguing alternative to the loneliness and isolation that comes with developing an activity at home or taking up traditional premises, which demands a greater budget. For research сoworkings in the USA have recently grown in popularity and as of 2019, they account for around 35% of total new office tenants in the US. In 2021, there were 4,300 coworking spaces in the United States; this number is expected to increase to more than 6,500 by 2023. 

This new work arrangement is particularly aligned with the values of young entrepreneurs who value this sort of atmosphere.

Benefits of coworking spaces

To begin with, coworking allows you to break the cycle of solitude. The approach is especially appealing to project managers and entrepreneurs who operate alone and from home.

When professionals from the same industry utilize the coworking space, the exchanges between members allow them to mutually enhance each other, forming synergies, working groups, and skill relationships. The spirit of the group contributes to increased motivation and production. Selecting coworking also allows you to work outside of your house without incurring the expense of a typical office leasing.

The functioning of coworking is quite adaptable. It is possible to reserve a spot on any day of the week.

Coworking spaces are also well-equipped with furniture and equipment, have fast internet connections, and are conveniently located.

Coworking makes people more happy

Working in a coworking space helps individuals feel like they are part of a community 88% of the time, which agrees with another study that revealed that most coworkers are happy after joining. Nothing could be easier than going on the internet and typing coworking the name of the city, and then contacting the coworking space via email or phone to select the one that will suit your expectations. Thus, if you believe coworking is for you, go for it. Utilizing these spaces rather than renting an office can save small firms with fewer than 12 employees about $2,700 each month. About 68% of coworkers claim that working in a coworking environment greatly improves their ability to concentrate.

The wing, Knot, Center of Impact, Évolution du bureau, Serendipity Labs, Company X, Bureau Industrieux, Espases, WeWork, and Regus are the top ten coworking space firms with the greatest network of locations in the United States.Wework, Spaces, and Impact Hub are the top three coworking spaces in the United States. According to 2022, a pleasant work environment is a selling point for 73% of coworking spaces in the United States.

Work environment as a selling element for a coworking space is at least somewhat unique to the United States, with 73% of the country’s coworking spaces indicating this as a selling point, which is slightly higher than the global average.

Other considerations include: a well-located location, appealing design and fit-out, a flourishing community, free parking, internet speed, decent service, cheap costs, a variety of events, multi-location access, and a focus on wellness.

The annual growth rate of coworking spaces in New Delhi is the highest in the world. Between 2021 and 2022, the number of new coworking spaces in New Delhi might grow by 55%. Toronto, Canada, came in second place, with a 43% rise in coworking spaces during the same time period.


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