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Creed III Review: It Punches Hard in This Rocky Sequel

Creed III Review: It Punches Hard in This Rocky Sequel

Reuniting with his childhood friend, Creed settles old scores in this riveting third installment of the series directed by Michael B Jordan

We all may be familiar with the Rocky/Creed series of boxing dramas, which demonstrate that when our hero steps into the ring, his main opponent is not necessarily a rival boxer but rather an internal struggle to rise above personal demons.

As daunting as it may seem, Adonis Creed (Michael B Jordan) must face off against his opponent Damian “Dame” Anderson in this installment. Representing the demons of guilt and shame embedded within him since childhood, this match is sure to be intense. Jonathan Majors brings a magnetic presence with his performance that makes Dame an even more formidable forcefield than imagined; there’s no doubt he is an acting heavyweight indeed.

Jordan gives an impressive performance here, both as the protagonist and director. The fight scenes are intense and thrilling. However, his affinity for stereotypical montages paired with a predictable script limit this movie from making any groundbreaking progress in the Creed franchise.

Time appears to stand still as the scene is taken back to Los Angeles, in 2002. Creed and Dame were both aspiring prizefighters at this time. Two raw youngsters with high hopes of achieving boxing fame. However, a night that could have been momentous for them takes an abrupt turn when fate decides otherwise. While Creed got his dream come true, Dame had no choice but to pay for it by spending eighteen years in prison. When these former childhood friends reunite after such a long gap apart in their lives, one look into Dame’s eyes reveals what cannot be said out loud. He believes Creed owes him something and he plans on collecting soon enough — where else than the boxing ring?


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