CTO as a Service: Advantages and Qualities

CTO as a Service: Advantages and Qualities

To be successful every startup needs a CTO. Some business founders with a technical background may lead a development team in the early stages of project creation. But along with the growth of a startup, a technically trained manager who will be able to properly allocate team resources and achieve all business goals will be required. Here the question arises, should you hire an in-house chief technology officer or use outsourcing? Let’s find out what advantages and qualities CTO service provides.

Benefits of CTO as a Service

Let’s look at the main advantages of a chief technology officer as a service.

Cost efficiency

When you hire a person to fulfill the CTO role following the outsourcing model, you do not need to spend time searching for a suitable candidate, or taking care of insurance and vacation, because the company that provides you with a specialist does all these things. You only enter into a contract under which you pay for services as you use them.

Flexible terms of cooperation

When you resort to CTO service, you can choose one of several cooperation models yourself. Within these models, you can dynamically change the level of involvement of the chief technology officer in your business processes at any time.

Quick availability of a specialist

It usually takes at least a few months to hire a qualified CTO. Considering the client-oriented cooperation model of companies that provide CTO services for startups, you can get an experienced manager within a week.

Broad CTO expertise

The service provider company will select for you a chief technology officer competent in your business niche. Indeed, for each case, a specialist is selected who has experience in various business areas, be it financial technology, healthcare, food technology, etc.

Founders mentality

Each of the specialists that you will take on your team has experience in founding or varying degrees of involvement in startups. Thus, they all know what difficulties a business can face and how to solve them in the shortest possible time.

Qualities of CTO as a Service

When you have finally decided to resort to CTO as a service and not to hire a full-time employee, you need to understand what qualities a chief technology officer should have.

Strong technical background

The specialists of the company that provides you with CTO services must have a technical education. Also, an important factor is the experience of the chief technology officer of at least several years.

Ideal communication skills

Each CTO must be able to find common ground with the entire team, no matter what area you work in. The leader should guide the team and, if necessary, help correct mistakes or figure out how to use certain tools.

Deep knowledge of new and developing technologies

The CTO must be well-versed in all common and new technologies so that he or she can recommend them for implementation in your project. Having this knowledge from a CTO will help reduce team time and help you achieve your business goals faster and more efficiently.

Excellent project planning skills

When you hire a CTO, you need to be sure that he or she can become the main link for your entire team, including executives and investors. And they need a clear plan for a project that will bring results.

Proven experience in building and managing a development team

The specialist provided to you must have experience in managing technical teams. Also, he or she must be able to train your employees and ensure that they all perform to established work standards.


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