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Dead Cells to Become an Animated Series with 10 Episodes

Dead Cells to Become an Animated Series with 10 Episodes
Image: Bobbypills

The 2018 roguelike game Dead Cells was a raging success in the already crowded Metroidvania space. Some say Dead Cells was the best example in the genre in years. If you loved playing Dead Cells or like Pulpy Animated content in general, this is good news for you.

The developer of Dead Cells, Motion Twin, has announced that an animated series based on the game will be released in 2024. Yesterday, a teaser trailer of the series was posted on Motion Twin’s YouTube channel. The short, 39 second teaser did not reveal much other than a desolate location and hints of a flame-headed hero just like the game. The background score sounds noiry yet catchy.

French studio Bobbypills is in charge of producing the show. The same production house is responsible for the animated trailers for the game. The series shares the premise with the game – a cursed island inhabited by monstrous creatures, and a flame-headed hero. Animation Digital Network, a French anime distribution service, is co-producing the series. 

The series will have 10 short episodes each 7-10 minutes long. Initially, it will be available for the French audience only. There will surely be a global release at some point after the initial premiere in France.

Motion Twins commits that the series will not meddle with the consistent updates and progress of the main game. Having sold more than 10 million copies, Dead Cells is one of the key games in the roguelike/metroidvania hybrid genre. Let’s see how the series compares to its charisma. 

Video by Motive Twin

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