Decade Old Injury Might Have Caused the Death of Charlbi Dean

Decade Old Injury Might Have Caused the Death of Charlbi Dean

The New York City medical examiner has reported that the cause of Charlbi Dean’s death was bacterial sepsis. The actress was 32 at the time of her death. The bacteria to which her death is attributed is called Capnocytophaga.

Capnocytophaga is a normal bacteria “commonly found in the mouths of people, dogs and cats.” A fatal illness owing to capnocytophaga is very rare. It can only be very dangerous for people with a weak immune system. So why did it affect Charlbi so fatally?

Charlbi Dean had a pretty bad car accident back in 2009. She had broken a few ribs and her back. The doctors had to remove her spleen. The spleen is responsible for fighting off infections and the absence of the spleen contributed to the bacterial sepsis that claimed Dean’s life. 

In an interview with the Rolling Stone Magazine, Dean’s brother Alex Jacobs said that Charlbi experienced “minor” symptoms before she asked her fiancé, Luke Volker to take her to the ER.

She died a few hours later of a “sudden illness”. The cause of illness or death could only be confirmed by an autopsy and it required time. Finally we know what caused the unfortunate death of the ‘Triangle of Sadness’ actress.

Triangle of Sadness recorded Dean’s last appearance and the film received the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Charlbi Dean’s acting debut took place in 2010 with the film “Spud”. The film had a sequel in 2013 which also featured her. Some other movies credited to her are Porthole, An interview with God, Don’t Sleep, and Blood in the Water.

The 32 year old actress’s death was unfortunate and shocking. She was at the peak of her acting career and had a lot more to offer to the world of entertainment. Whether her bacterial infection was caused by an animal is still not clarified. Multiple factors must have contributed to her death and the 2009 accident is definitely one of them. 

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