Do You Know What Your Departments Need And How Much Of It?

Do You Know What Your Departments Need And How Much Of It?
Do You Know What Your Departments Need And How Much Of It?

Every department will have its very own needs. They will come in the form of people, skills, money, marketing, materials, policies and equipment to name a few. But as the boss, how is it possible to satisfy every head of department? Some will say that’s it’s impossible. You have to make sacrifices that no one is going to like, but if you don’t make them, your projects will fail. Others, on the other hand, say that you can give every department exactly what it asks for if you have the right kind of approach to your planning. But what kind of planning exactly?

Resources meeting

Every week, you should reconnect with our managers and heads of department, to have a situation report. This should be done in the context of resource planning. Using the best cloud erp solutions, you can plan every little detail of your projects. Release funds at the right time, i.e. when a checkpoint is met in a project or when you reach a certain date. Thanks to the cloud technology, you can access your ERP solutions anywhere you want. If you need to supplement sales with discounts and sales, this can also be done through this solution. In fact, you can even plan new software overhauls or updates, so that your teams can keep working and progressing to future checkpoints without you being there to do anything manually.

Managing egos

Your sales teams will want more funds to connect with customers and organize meetings in-person. They will want to meet clients and talk with industry experts to gain more knowledge and reassess their plan of action. On the other hand, your marketing team will want more money for their campaigns, more money for their designs and an increase in research projects regarding best of practice strategies within the industry. Who should you listen to? Who is more important? Who will shout louder for their side? The way you handle egos is by getting them into the same room, and finding out where departments can cross-over their efforts. If two departments can share the burden in the same area of business, this could save time and money. If only the egos can be put aside first!

Risk reporting

It cannot be stressed highly enough, just how much you need to have risk management be a part of your daily routine. You should have project risk managers, market risk managers and financial risk analysts within your organization if you can. If not, hire them based on a freelance basis. They can show you which projects are riskier, where they can be improved and the mean percentage of success as equal to time and money spent. Their quantitative analysis will show you how funds will spiral out of control, dependent on how long a project takes. They can also show you if you finish early without spending much, whether or not the quality will be the same. 

It’s vital that you listen to every department but you also have these practices in place, so you only give what you need to, to improve the business across the board. 

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