Does Tinder Conduct Background Checks?

Does Tinder Conduct Background Checks?

Anyone that’s experienced online dating will let you know; it’s a mixed bag when it comes to finding the right person. People often pretend to be someone they’re not, whether through catfishing, embellishing, or omission. Unfortunately, that means trying to wade through endless profiles trying to find a connection with someone who may not actually exist for the average user. Combined with the inability to determine what parts of their life they’re deliberately hiding, it’s a scary process for everyone involved.

How does Tinder work?

Tinder is an online dating app that focuses matchmaking on physical attraction. Creating a profile isn’t tricky; download the app on your phone, add a few photos and get started. For customized options, adjust the filter settings in the account. Users target a specific gender, age range, and proximity to their location. If you’re scrolling online, simply swipe right on a profile you like. If you’re not interested in the profile on your screen, swipe left. Matches occur when both people swipe right on each other.

Due to the physical nature of the app, starting conversations with people can be a shot in the dark. You’ll know nothing about this person unless they’ve filled out the optional profile portion. Unfortunately, this means people can become any persona they want on the platform. They can pretend to be successful; perhaps they can hide their criminal past, or maybe, they’ll fill you in on the last decade of unemployment.

Does Tinder do background checks?

As of today’s date, Tinder doesn’t yet conduct a background check. The founder, Match Group, has suggested users will be able to check profiles for glaring problems eventually but are still in the works at this time. This verification means users will be able to vet people on the basic information disclosed on the app, including name and phone number. This will also permit users from viewing a criminal past or past convictions or court designations (like restraining orders, for instance). The platform has indicated that previous drug charges will not be shared through the platform, primarily when substance possession promotes systemic inequality.

Will checks be included in the membership?

Although Match Group has not finalized details surrounding the cost to users, a fee will likely be attached to the process. Trials will start in the United States and, once reviewed, will be distributed among the other apps and throughout multiple countries.

Why Are Background Checks Necessary for Dating Apps?

Criminal background checks ensure the safety of all users. Although criminal history may not be a deal-breaker for all users, it is likely a deciding factor when pursuing a relationship. Hiding or masking that criminal past removes an essential piece of consent needed for a healthy match. There have been multiple cases of violent crimes occurring under the disguise of online profiles, which could be avoided if background checks were readily available.

Additionally, as the reports of financial fraud continue to grow, having a healthy understanding of the person you’re dealing with is essential. Catfishing, a tactic that coerces users into a relationship for the sake of financial gain, is just one method of fraud. As of 2020, this amount included a record $304 million.

What can I find in a Background Check?

A background check serves as a snapshot in time for any individual. These records include personal verification, including name, social security number, address, and phone number. Having a confirmed profile with the correct name on the app can alleviate many concerns for users. You’ll know who you’re talking to through their upcoming verification process.

Most background checks will also include a criminal history within the report. These incidents include charges, convictions, pending allegations, dismissed cases, and any fines set by the court. Criminal reports also include cross-references of the national sex offender registry list. While some may believe it’s a breach of personal information, individuals forming relationships deserve full disclosure. If someone has a prior history of multiple fraud charges, there’s a good chance honesty isn’t high on their list of priorities.

Employment history is another primary consideration for relationships. While Tinder hasn’t indicated that the employment history will be verified, private background checks include comprehensive previous and current employment lists. If you’re looking for someone driven and dedicated, seeing an extensive history without earning income serves as a warning flag. This is especially true for users boasting a lavish lifestyle, showcasing a life they don’t live to impress you.

Are background checks an invasion of privacy?

Simply put, no. Any website that includes a background check in its approval process is within its rights to do so. It is up to the user to agree to the terms of the application, similar to agreeing to a check for employment purposes. Users who are concerned with the results of their background check should perform an independent scan first to confirm what is visible in the results. If there are any errors with the findings, the results should be disputed immediately with the issuing company.

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