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Don’t Just Drink Your Coffee, Use It To Promote Your Business

Don't Just Drink Your Coffee, Use It To Promote Your Business

Coffee is the best drink known to humankind. It’s good for the mind, it’s great for the heart, and it’s good for the soul. Most of us probably spend a great deal of time fueling our days with a good cup of Joe. To that end, selling coffee and coffee accessories can be a boon to any business. Of course, if your daily strictly coffee stuff and it makes sense to focus exclusively on that category and niche. If you’re offering coffee and coffee accessories as part of the larger business plan, that can work out in your favor as well.

Coffee As A Promotional Tool

Coffee is a remarkable promotional tool for any business. Part of using coffee as a promotional tool involves knowing your audience. You need to clearly define to whom you are going to be selling your coffee. Is it being marketed to casual coffee drinkers? How about coffee snobs? Who is the target demographic for what you’re trying to sell? These are important questions for determining what you need to do to get your coffee promotions off the ground. You don’t necessarily need to be running a cafe to deal with using coffee as a promotional tool. It can be part of an overarching and larger business plan. Pricing is critical. Developing a brand strategy is important, too. Then you need to focus on finding your niche. Are you going to be offering specialty beans? Accessories? Cups and mugs? All of these are integral questions to help you get your business off the ground in any case and are twice as important when it comes to selling coffee related merchandise at a business.

Branded Coffee Beans

Nothing beats the divine fragrance and taste of freshly roasted coffee beans. Whether or not your organization deals in roasting their own beans, you can still benefit from selling branded coffee. It’s easy enough to buy beans in bulk and package them with your own unique designs. Then you can use your coffee as a promotion, marketing incentive, for a social media contest, or simply sell it in your store. You can sell coffee beans as whole beans or ground in different grinds depending on customer preference. Offering coffee is a great way to get things off the ground with your coffee promotions, so be sure to have a good strategy and some interesting flavors available to get rolling along the way.

Branded Coffee Mugs

Offering coffee is only good, but customers need something to drink it out of. That’s where you need to have a sound strategy for coffee mugs and vessels. Coffee mugs come in all sorts of different sizes and styles. There might be wide mouth bistro style mugs or those cute little coffee mugs you see at an espresso shop sometimes. Stainless steel is also a popular material for coffee mugs, especially when it comes to iced coffee. Offering branded coffee mugs as part of your overall strategy can be beneficial. They get your name out there, provide some brand awareness, and you can sell them for customers who really want to engage with your brand. This can create interest and positivity that will go a long way toward helping you improve your business. The relatively small and inexpensive investment of branded coffee mugs can work wonders for your brand, so be sure to plan out your strategy accordingly.

Branded Coffee Accessories

Being a coffee lover/drinker comes with some truly fascinating territory. It might be hard to believe, but a drink derived from beans is among the most popular drinks across the globe. With over 2.25 billion cups consumed every day (we can feel our hearts beating faster just thinking about it), it makes sense that there’s a robust market for coffee accessories. That makes it a good idea to put your logo and business information on custom accessories and sell them at your organization. As coffee consumption grows across the world, branching out into high quality accessories to attract customers and increase sales just makes sense. Start by taking a look at the different types of machines you can offer. There’s traditional drip brewers, French press brewers, pour over coffee makers, high-end espresso machines, and even the humble aeropress has grown in popularity recently. Designing on a brewer is ultimately going to be up to the taste of the individual drinking the coffee, so be sure to offer a plethora of options to optimize potential sales. By making me accessories available, you can create a positive experience and generate some interesting buzz among your customers as well, giving you a solid foundation for success in your coffee-related endeavors.

Social Media and Other Promo Ideas

If there’s one thing everybody uses in the modern day, and social media. Social media is one of the best ways to promote your brand. It starts by building a strong web presence, including a highly functional website and an easy need to contact your company. It should also go without saying that your product needs to be readily accessible and there should be no barrier to entry for acquiring it, should your customers be so inclined. After you build a strong web presence, it’s time to start advertising your brand online. This can be as simple as using passive advertising or creating engaging posts through your social media campaign. Contests, giveaways, and other endeavors can also be useful for promoting your brand online. Plenty of photos and videos of people enjoying your coffee can help generate interest in your business. After you have to find your strategy and build your campaign, you’ll need to analyze it to understand its effectiveness. Then it’s just a matter of implementing any changes to ensure you’re getting the most out of your advertising. Doing it right out of the gate can help you achieve your goals and win customers to your unique coffee products, and ultimately earn more customers in the process.

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