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“Dragalia Lost,” Nintendo’s First Original Mobile Game, Is Coming to An End

"Dragalia Lost," Nintendo's First Original Mobile Game, Is Coming to An End

The first journey into original gameplay by Nintendo is drawing to a close. Nintendo as well as developer Cygames are progressively closing down the epic RPG Dragalia lost Reddit, according to Polygon. The game’s final major content update will arrive on March 31st, with the addition of new characters. After that, the developers will only release updates for “specific tasks” and the main story, which will conclude in July.

Dragalia Lost Persona 5: New For Mobile Devices

Following the conclusion of the core campaign, Dragalia Lost will be taken off at an undetermined “later date”. The firms stated there will be summoned displays and event resurrections until the closure is complete. Persona 5 was a brand-new IP created only for mobile devices. Alberta has a projected replacement where people and dragons compete. This game included a variety of famous mobile activities into its RPG. But the system was reimagined to make it even more spectacular. In 2020, the Dragalia Lost Discord earned more than 123 million dollars, trailing only Fire Emblem and Animal Village – Pocket Camp.

"Dragalia Lost," Nintendo's First Original Mobile Game, Is Coming to An End

The corporations did not explain their choice. Dragalia Lost Nintendo wasn’t a complete flop. By October 2020, almost two years after its introduction, Sensor Tower projected the game had made $146 million in revenue. It also has 3.9 million Android and iOS installations and generated money in 2019 than any other Nintendo mobile game. Save Dragalia Lost Luca was shut down earlier than expected, in November.

All in All

However, veterans like Genshin Impact have recently put up a fight for the belt. According to Niko Partners senior analyst Ahmad, the only game released in the last two years has been the official Niantic game Pikmin Blooming. Nintendo’s strategy may be to focus on translations of popular titles like Super Mario Go and Animal Trying to Cross: Pocket Camp.

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